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Inbound Exchange: Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following FAQs to help you learn more about the Exchange Program at Fisher College of Business.  If you still have additional questions, please contact us.

Bullet Application Process

  1. How will I be nominated?

    Nominations will be sent by your University Exchange Coordinator to the Office of Global Business at Fisher.

  2. Am I guaranteed to be accepted for exchange at the Fisher College of Business?

    No. There are several reasons you might be denied but providing your documents in a timely manner will speed up such decisions.

  3. What is the deadline for the application?

    We need your application materials as soon as possible in order to get you admitted and your DS-2019 documentation for the US Visa prepared in time for your studies. The deadline for application is:

    • Autumn Semester: March 15
    • Spring Semester: October 1
  4. Do I need a U.S. Student Visa?

    All international exchange students are required to obtain a J-1 visa to attend The Ohio State University. This includes European students.  A "Visa Waiver" is not permitted at Ohio State -- all students must have a J-1 visa. Information about U.S. consulate policies, procedures, and requirements can be obtained through the U.S. State Department or the U.S. J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program page. Applicants for student visas usually apply at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country of their permanent residence. 

  5. Where can I find the academic calender at OSU?

    You can find the offical academic caledner at OSU on the Registrars Office page. You can find the calender link on the left hand navigation bar.

Bullet Cost of the Program

How much does attending Fisher on exchange cost?

You will pay your tuition at your home school like any other term.  However, there are fees which all OSU students pay which are also your responsibility to pay.

The 2013 Spring Semester fees are currently $1,318.40 as listed below and are subject to change:

Housing and Meals are other expenses you will need to consider. Please refer to OSU On-Campus housing and dining plan costs. Remember that you will need to budget for "out-of-pocket" expenses which include airfare, visa, and other expenses such as books. Information is available at

Bullet Housing

  1. Where will I live while I’m at Fisher?

    Business international exchange students can apply for On-Campus housing at one of the graduate or undergraduate residence halls. Upon Admission to Ohio State,  the university Housing Department will send an information packet to your permanent address for you to review.

    If you do not receive these within one month of receiving your Admission packet, please email Kozue Isozaki ( and let her know you have not received the documents. Fisher’s Office of Global Business recommends the Neil Avenue Building (in-room cooking facilities) or Jones Tower (meal plan required). 

  2. What kinds of activities are available on campus?

    The large size of the university means there is always an interesting exhibit at the Wexner Center for the Arts, a student club meeting (including a snow skiing club, volunteer groups, cultural clubs, and more), a festival or a football game. Visit the university's main website for more information about life at Ohio State. The Ohio State Office of International Affairs also has helpful information about opportunities in the area for you to explore.

Bullet Resources for International Students

The Office of Global Business welcomes international students from all over the world to the Fisher College of Business. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Global Business with any questions regarding their time at Ohio State and we urge them to use the resources found on this page to help enhance their experience on campus.