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Student Exchange Programs

There is no doubt that studying abroad is a powerful educational tool. Overwhelming numbers of Fisher graduates who have studied abroad agree that their international experience enhanced their interest in global issues and helped them acquire important career competencies.

Through CIBER, Fisher College of Business has partnered with over 20 of the most prestigious, highly ranked business schools around the globe through exchange of students, research, and ideas. 

For more information on deadlines and how to apply, please refer to the "Step-by-Step Process" for Outbound students or Inbound students.

Access to global experiences!

Fisher’s Office of Global Business enables not only Fisher students, but those international students who study here at Fisher to:

  • Expand global awareness
  • Enhance academic learning
  • Develop global leadership skills
  • Advance career opportunities
  • Experience personal growth
  • Learn another culture and language

International students who participate in Fisher’s Exchange Programs bring a valuable insight both to the classroom and to interactions outside of the classroom. 

Interim President Joseph A. Alutto promotes that “If we as a nation are going to be competitive, we need to be able to understand what is happening around the world.”

Fisher’s Office of Global Business couldn’t agree more!


In Their Words

Student Exchange

"I was putting my Spanish minor to good use on a daily basis when I was on Exchange in Chile, conversing with my host family, students, and my professors.  I've developed many friendships with both Chileans and students from all over the globe."

Andrew Kalar
International Business, Spanish
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile