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GAP South America

Enhance Your Expertise in South America With GAP: Brazil

“For someone on the fence about taking part in [GAP], I would say to just do it. It gives you true international experience - even if you are only in country for a couple weeks, you still need to communicate with international clients, and this is a highly valuable skill. It is a conversation starter on your resume, and recruiters are very interested in hearing about the projects and the experience in country. Also, it will be a highly memorable time that you spend with your classmates, getting to know them outside of the classroom, and will be something you will never forget.”

                - Kathryn Osterland, [GAP] Brazil, MBA 2013

Home to the world's fifth largest land mass and sixth largest economy, much of the excitement surrounding Brazil is due to its economic achievements and natural resources.  Known traditionally for its strength in agriculture, Brazil is now the leading producer of orange juice, meat, and ethanol.  The country has recently experienced significant growth in air transportation, telecommunications (one of the top in emerging markets), mining, oil and natural gas, including its recent major oil discovery.  Macroeconomic stability, a floating currency, manageable debt and large dollar reserves combined with political stability, abundance of natural resources, a burgeoning middle class, and rapid growth make the Brazil an attractive target for business.  Making up nearly 50% of the South American GDP, Brazil is now recognized as a key world economy and will take center stage when the country hosts the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics two years later.   Brazilians will spend more than $100 billion on infrastructure leading up to the 2016 Olympics, presenting significant opportunities for local and multinational companies.

Brazil Fast Facts

  • Brazil has a rapidly growing GDP, currently the sixth largest in the world (Brazil’s GDP is the size of Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina combined)
  • Over 35 million Brazilians entered the middle class from 2003 to 2009
  • Enormous service sector, composing over 67% of the country’s GDP
  • They have a $2 trillion economy… Ahead of India and Russia – by $400 Billion
  • Brazil will undergo massive infrastructure development in advance of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics
  • Low national unemployment
  • The United States is the single largest investor in Brazil and is the number one exporter to Brazil
  • Brazil is rich is natural resources that will be increasingly in demand as global populations expand, such as petroleum (Brazilian oil discoveries accounted for 50% of those made in 2010 (more than any other country in 2010)
  • Brazil is the World's 2nd largest producer of ethanol fuel and is one of the leading producers of hydro-power

Course and Project Information

Course Information: Click here for general information about the GAP course structure
Professor: Prof. Walter Zinn 
Project: Students will work on individualized research papers instead of company projects. These research papers can be on a variety of topics of interest and will be decided with guidance from the professor.

Sample Schedule (2013)

Saturday, May 4
Travel to Brazil (overnight)

Sunday, May 5
Morning: Arrive in Rio, Tour of Rio
Afternoon: Christ the Redeemer
Evening: Welcome Dinner

Monday, May 6
Morning: Rio Site visits (i.e., Petrobras)
Afternoon: Rio Site visits (i.e., L'Oreal)

Tuesday, May 7
Morning: Rio Site Visit (i.e., Amil - Health Care)
Afternoon: Rio Site Visit (i.e., Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz - Public Healthcare)   Evening: Flight to Sao Paulo

Wednesday, May 8
Morning: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e. Natura - Consumer Products)
Afternoon: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e. P&G) 

Thursday, May 9
Morning: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e., Johnson & Johnson)
Afternoon: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e., Brasil Foods)

Friday, May 10
Morning: Your Day, Your Way
Afternoon: Free time

Saturday, May 11
Morning: Seminar at Fundacao Getulio Vargas University
Afternoon: Seminar at Fundacao Getulio Vargas University

Sunday, May 12
Morning: Tour of Sao Paulo
Afternoon: Free time

Monday, May 13
Morning: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e., Dow)
Afternoon: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e., Bradesco Bank)
Evening: Farewell Dinner

Tuesday, May 14
Morning: Sao Paulo Site Visit (i.e., Stock Exchange)
Afternoon: Depart for US


The Brazil itinerary is currently in progress and the example visits are subject to change.

Visa Requirements

U.S. citizens, and most international students, will need a visa to enter Brazil. Visit the consulate website for specific requirements for your citizenship.

The Office of Global Business will work with you to process all of the visas as a group; however, you will ultimately be responsible for acquiring the Brazilian visa if you do not already have one. This $300 cost is included in the program fee to participate in the program.

Vaccine Information

The Wilce Student Health Center offers reduced vaccine prices (50% off the listed fee up to $300 per year) for those under the Comprehensive Student Health Plan. There is a $21 administrative fee per visit (an additional $10 for each additional vaccine). To schedule an appointment, call 614-292-4321. Please note that it can take 2-3 weeks to get an appointment. 

The are no required vaccinations for travel to Brazil. View the recommended vaccinations. 



  • Actual Program Costs: TBD
  • Costs include: double occupancy accommodations, all breakfasts, all cultural tours, ground transportation every day, flights/transfers within Brazil, select meals, visas, gratuities, and international health insurance.
  • Program fees excludes: tuition, round-trip international airfare, passports, vaccinations, and meals/ incidentals not covered in the itinerary.
  • The Office of Global Business reserves the right to increase the study abroad program fee if the actual group price exceeds the estimated amount (due to changes in exchange rates or increases in internal airline tickets).

Deadlines and Application

  • Application open soon
  • Application Requirements
    • Online application
    • Personal Statement
    • Updated Resume
    • Interview after application is submitted
    • Ability to get a passport and eligibility to apply for a visa to enter Europe (if needed)
    • Non-refundable $1,000 deposit (refundable only if not accepted into the program)
  • Application Criteria
    • 1st year MBA will receive preference (although the program is open to all graduate programs)
    • Personal Statement and Interview will play a significant role in determining who is admitted into each program