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GAP Europe

Enhance Your Expertise in Europe With GAP: Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, and Ireland

“This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to lead a team working on a project for a well-known, global firm. Working directly with leadership from another culture and preparing a business case for them allowed me to gain a much more global perspective and helped me gain skills in working with a diverse group of people.”

                - Samantha Callas, [GAP] Europe, MBA 2012

The current economic pressures on the Euro and resulting actions taken by the EU, this is a time of great potential, but also great uncertainly in Europe. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and see three very different countries and economies. From Ireland’s struggling economy and rising national debt, to Poland’s recession proof economy to the powerhouse of Germany, students will get a chance to learn firsthand about the challenges and opportunities available in Europe in today’s business environment. 

Europe Fast Facts

  • Germany has the fifth largest economy by GDP and is the world’s third largest exporter
  • Germany is the world’s largest exporter of automobiles and have a 90% market share of the global premium vehicle market
  • Ireland is a significant hub for American businesses due to low corporate taxes and its geographic location
  • Ireland’s export sector is extremely important to its economic growth and has remained a success despite significant national debt problems

Course and Project Information

Course Information: Click here for general information about the GAP course structure
Professor: Michael Knemeyer
Past GAP Projects Include: Airbus, Johnson & Johnson,  Dow Chemical, Brisk Heat, Visagio Consulting, Emerson, Banco Perola, Artemisia, Ashland Chemical, Tsong Cheng, Clean Living, 5168 Ventures, Osklen's Instituto-e, Tata Motors, Proctor and Gamble, and Credit Agricole  (Project Descriptions)

Sample Schedule (2013)

Friday, May 3
Depart for Ireland

Saturday, May 4
Arrive in Shannon. Tour Clifts of Mohr. Night in Galway

Sunday, May 5
Morning / Afternoon: Tour in Galway

Monday, May 6
Morning: Business Visits (Shannon)
Afternoon: Travel to Dublin

Tuesday, May 7
Morning: Walking Tour of Dublin
Afternoon: Business Visits (Dublin)

Wednesday, May 8
Morning: Business Visits (Dublin)
Afternoon: Site Visit

Thursday, May 9
Free Day (Dublin)

Friday, May 10
Morning: Fly to Hamburg
Afternoon: Site Visit (Hamburg)

Saturday, May 11
Tour of Hamburg

Sunday, May 12
Free Day (Hamburg)

Monday, May 13
Morning: Site Visit (Hamburg)
Evening: Site Visit (Hamburg)

Tuesday, May 14
Morning: Site Visit (Hamburg)
Evening: Site Visit (Hamburg)

Wednesday, May 15
Morning: Fly to Warsaw
Evening: Warsaw Tour

Thursday, May 16
Morning: Site Visit (Warsaw)
Evening: Site Visit (Warsaw)

Friday, May 17
Morning: Site Visit (Warsaw)
Afternoon: Site Visit (Warsaw)

Saturday, May 18
Free Day (Warsaw)

Sunday, May 19
Train to Krakow
Krakow City Tour

Monday, May 20
Morning: Site Visit (Krakow)
Afternoon: Site Visit (Krakow)

Monday, May 21 
Tour Auschwitz

Wednesday, May 22
Travel to Munich
Munich City Tour

Thursday, May 23
Morning: Site Visit (Munich)
Evening: Site Visit (Munich)

Friday, May 24
Morning: Site Visit (Munich)
Evening: Site Visit (Munich)

Saturday, May 25
Free Day (Munich)

Sunday, May 26
Depart for United States

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Visa Requirements

U.S. citizens, and many international students, do not need a visa to enter Ireland, Germany, or Poland due to the Schengen Agreement. For more information on the Schengen Agreement rules, visit the U.S. State Department Website. If an visa is required, the Office of Global Business will assist you; however, this cost and responsibility falls ultimately on the student.

Vaccine Information

The Wilce Student Health Center offers reduced vaccine prices (50% off the listed fee up to $300 per year) for those under the Comprehensive Student Health Plan. There is a $21 administrative fee per visit (an additional $10 for each additional vaccine). To schedule an appointment, call 614-292-4321. Please note that it can take 2-3 weeks to get an appointment. 

The are no required vaccinations for travel to Ireland, Germany or Poland. View the recommended vaccinations. 



  • Actual Program Costs: TBD
  • Costs include: double occupancy accommodations (most accommodations for GAP Europe are hostels), all breakfasts, all cultural tours, ground transportation every day, flights/transfers within Europe, select meals, visas, gratuities, and international health insurance.
  • Program fees excludes: tuition, round-trip international airfare, passports, vaccinations, and meals/ incidentals not covered in the itinerary.
  • The Office of Global Business reserves the right to increase the study abroad program fee if the actual group price exceeds the estimated amount (due to changes in exchange rates or increases in internal airline tickets).
  • The Halsey Family Scholarship Fund, offering $500-$1000 scholarships, is available for GAP Europe students who have demonstrated financial need and an interest in Eastern Europe. Students who are interested should apply by submitting a statement addressing their financial need and their interest in the region (contact Miranda Gerberding for more information).

Deadlines and Application

  • Application open soon
  • Application Requirements
    • Online application
    • Personal Statement
    • Updated Resume
    • Interview after application is submitted
    • Ability to get a passport and eligibility to apply for a visa to enter Europe (if needed)
    • Non-refundable $1,000 deposit (refundable only if not accepted into the program)
  • Application Criteria
    • 1st year MBA will receive preference (although the program is open to all graduate programs)
    • Personal Statement and Interview will play a significant role in determining who is admitted into each program