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Global Applied Projects (GAP) Program

Global Applied Projects (GAP) Program 

Prepare for a global career.  The Global Applied Projects (GAP) Program is a new opportunity for MBA students to gain international experience by working on a business challenge with one of Fisher's corporate partners.  GAP combines a Spring Semester second session international strategy course and a May term global project with a major client designed to differentiate your work experience.

The program will allow MBA students to:

  • Demonstrate success through an international applied business project
  • Build relevant experience that will increase your comparative advantage
  • Work closely under a faculty subject matter expert who will serve as a project coach
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Bullet Course Description

  • 1.5 credit spring semester second session course
  • CONTENT: Macro view of economy global region and target country; target country relationship to regional context; trade agreements of the region; overview of doing business in the region; historical overview and future projections of economy and business in target country; political environment and its business implications; regulatory environment; industrial base (i.e., key natural resources, major industries, etc.)


Please do not try to enroll in the class directly. Once you have been conditionally accepted to the program, the Office of Global Business with will contact your advisor to authorize your enrollment.


*All components are required. The class is only open to those who will complete the international travel component).

Bullet Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled OSU Fisher College of Business graduate student
  • Students graduating in May are eligible to participate in the GAP Program. International students will need to work with OIA to discuss possible visa restrictions.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Must be able to obtain a passport and travel visa (if required)

Bullet Faculty Coach

  • Each team will be paired with a faculty subject matter expert
  • Students will meet 1 hour per week with faculty expert during spring semester second session to refine scope and prepare project plan
  • Students will meet 2 hours per week with faculty via Skype while in-country

Bullet Team Project

  • A team of 4-5 MBA students will work on a project with a major client doing business in a global location
  • GAP faculty coaches, the Office of Global Business, and Fisher Professional Services are working to identify opportunities to collaborate with major corporate partners. Final company projects will be determined once students have registered and interest areas and strengths have been identified.
  • Each project will involve a business challenge currently faced by a major corporate partner
  • Students should have scoping questions answered prior to departure to ensure full time work on projects can begin immediately after arrival in-country
  • At the conclusion of their 3 weeks in-country, students will present findings and recommendations to corporate executives
  • Students will be required to commit to the program before they know their specific project assignment.  Project assignments will be done via bidding process at beginning of the program.
  • 3 credits during the May Term

Bullet Travel Description

The travel component of the GAP Program will last for three weeks and will take place during the May Term. During this time, students will earn 3 credits, working full-time with a team of peers to solve a current business challenge being faced by a corporate partner at a global location.

Bullet Application Description

2013-2014 Application is now closed!

Please note: Currently, GAP is offered only to full time MBAs (FTMBA) and Working Professional MBAs (WPMBA).


  • First Step: Students are asked to submit an online application, including general demographic information, passport information, an updated resume, statement of purpose, emergency contacts and a personal release form. At this time, international students will be requested to submit their completed Fisher International Student OIA Form.
  • Second Step: After reviewing applications, the Office of Global Business will email students to schedule interviews.
  • Third Step: If students are selected to participate in the GAP program, they will receive an email to start the next steps of the travel process, including a health information form, flight information, and an HTH Health Insurance application form.


Applications will be evaluated based on resume, statement of purpose and interview.

Bullet Embassy Registration

  • As an added precaution, U.S. citizens traveling abroad can enroll in the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). STEP allows U.S citizens to enter information about their upcoming trip abroad so that the U.S. Department of State can better assist them in an emergency.

Bullet Insurance

  • All students participating in study abroad programs offered through the Fisher College of Business are required to enroll in supplemental travel insurance. Students should carry their insurance card with them at all times while traveling in-country.
  • The Ohio State University supplemental travel insurance is provided through HTH Worldwide Services. This supplemental insurance includes a policy covering accident and sickness and for emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation.
  • To register for HTH Supplemental Insurance, please consult "Applying Online for Supplemental Travel Insurance" found at the Office of International Affairs insurance website.
  • Because of funding from our corporate partners and the Alutto Endowment Funds, students are not required to cover this cost.

Bullet International Students

  • All students/international scholars holding a US visa who are participating in an Office of Global Business (OGB) program must schedule an appointment with an Office of International Affairs (OIA) International Student Services advisor.
  • Students will be asked to provide evidence of this meeting by submitting a Fisher International Student OIA Form.


Students who do not submit their Fisher International Student OIA Form within two (2) weeks of their pre-acceptance into the program, will NOT be permitted to continue with the program.

Bullet Passports

  • If needed, the costs associated with applying for or renewing a passport are NOT included in the total price of the program.
  • All students (international and domestic) must have passports valid at least six (6) months past the dates of travel.
  • If you are a US citizen but do not currently have a passport and you are selected to participate in the program, you should apply for your passport as soon as possible. You must have your passport at least three (3) months prior to departure to allow time to process a visa if required.


If you are a US citizen, please see Travel.State.Gov for more information about applying and renewing your passport.

Bullet Vaccinations

  • If needed, vaccination costs are not included in the total price of the program.
  • Vaccinations vary by individual and location. As it may be a substantial cost, please consider this expense before registering.


Students should visit the Center for Disease Control website for suggested vaccinations and related health information for travel in their destination country.

Bullet Visas

  • If needed, the costs associated with applying for a visa to your project country are included in the total price of the program.
  • Visas vary by destination and student nationality. To better understand visa requirements, students should consult the embassy of the country where they will be located.
  • As it may take some time to process a visa, please prepare in advance, applying for a visa at least two (2) months before your departure date.
  • For United States citizens, please consult the U.S. Department of State for specific visa requirements.
  • International students must confirm their eligibility to return to the U.S. after the program (i.e., a multiple entry visa). The costs associated with U.S. visas are not covered by the program.

Q: I want to get international experience through the GAP Program but I don’t want to miss out on my internship. Is it possible for me to do both?

Yes. Most internships start after you return (and you will still have 12 full weeks before classes start again in the fall).  The intent of the GAP Program is not to replace your internship, but to serve as a second experience you can use in your future career.


Q: Can students who graduate at the end of Spring Semester participate in the GAP Program?

Yes. Students who graduate in May will earn the 1.5 credit for class work before graduation. International students will need to work with OIA to discuss possible visa restrictions. Students who wish to participate in the graduation ceremonies should still be able to do so.


Q: Once students are admitted to the GAP program, what level of commitment is expected? 

Upon acceptance, students will have to write a $1000 check that will only be deposited if they withdraw from the GAP program. Exception: Students who receive an internship offer and can provide verification that their employer will not allow them to begin work after June 1 will be allowed to withdraw penalty free.


Q: What scholarships are available for this program?

Because of funding through our corporate partners and the Alutto Endowment Funds, the majority of the program costs are covered including:

  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation while in-country
  • HTH supplemental insurance
  • Lodging
  • Translator while in-country (where relevant)
  • Visas

To minimize the financial impact on students, the only anticipated out-of-pocket expenses will be meals, souvenirs, and passports if necessary. International students will still be required to pay the international student fee for enrollment in the summer term.

Where possible, the program will prepay for expenses prior to students' travel.  However, in some circumstances (e.g. taxies) students will need to pay for expenses while in-country and provide receipts for reimbursement upon return to the U.S.

Please note: Currently, GAP is offered only to full time MBAs (FTMBA) and Working Professional MBAs (WPMBA).

For any additional questions please contact Kurt Roush (Roush.104).