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The Global Resource Center, located in 230 Mason Hall at the Fisher College of Business Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), is designed to support international and regional business courses and programs currently available to Fisher students, faculty, and the business community.

Bullet Travel Resources

Currency Converter
 This resource allows users to see the equivalent values of other currencies compared to their own. 

World Time Zone Map A map of the whole world with its corresponding time zone can be found on this resource. The map makes it easy to see how far ahead or behind in the day one country is compared to another. 

World Weather Forecasts On this link, the weather for numerous cities on earth can be found by simply typing in the city name. 

                  Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)    The United States government created this site for US citizens that are going abroad. It can help with travel by informing the users where the nearest US Embassy is, about travel warnings, and much more. 

                  World Emergency Numbers    This site has the emergency telephone numbers for countries all around the world in case they may be needed while abroad. 

               OSAC Administered by the Department of State, this site lists all past Travel Warning and Travel Alerts along with the messages sent to US citizens. A helpful sorce to check country specific security messages.

                  Visa Center     Visa Center allows users to purchase a visa to where ever they are traveling, along with renewing passports. 

                  Numbeo- World Cost of Living     This resource gives access to information about countries and cities around the world varying from the cost of living to the amount of pollution or crime.

Bullet Other Resources

                   List of Online Resources  This link provides various information about business around the world. Information about trade, customs, and commerce can be found here. 

                   Country-Specific Resources  More in depth information about specific countries is provided on this source.

                   List of Books Available  A list of all the books available in the Global Resource Center will be given through this link. 

                   Global Risk Report - Penn Lauder CIBER Publication   This link provides a paper reporting on today’s global economy. One of its main focuses is on how the downturn in the United States’ economy brought up negative effects around the world. 

Kwintessential  Kwintessential provides training and insight to different languages and cultures around the world because these are key elements in today’s global business. This website assists business professors in teaching their students more about environmental, social and ethical topics. 

Council on Foreign Relations - Resources for the Classroom Resources for the Classroom: This website provides information regarding the American Foreign Policy to faculty and students at the college level. 

Total Cost of Ownership Estimator (Offshoring/Reshoring Decision Tool) The estimator on this site allows companies to see an aggregate estimate of all costs and risks into one cost. This estimation is used to determine the cost or benefit of offshoring workers. 

The Global Corruption Barometer Transparency International is a website that is highlighting the corruption around the world including oil and gas production and corruption in the sports world. The background of corruption within a topic or country are provided, and then a solution to this problem is given. 

                   U.S. Commercial Service- International Market Research Library

                   Doing Business- The World Bank

                  Fin Aid

                  Winning a Scholarship Quick Reference Guide


Ohio Community College International Network

The Ohio Community College International Network (OCCIN) mission is to:

  • expand or enhance international business curriculum offered to students at the community college level,
  • create opportunities for community college faculty to develop global knowledge, and
  • provide the community colleges’ business networks with global topics to enhance their global competitiveness.


International Business Club (IBC)

The International Business Club strives to provide business students with opportunities to meet, interact, and learn through events focused on international business and/or international locations and cultural themes. The organization also serves to facilitate the integration of international and exchange students into the Fisher community, and the interaction of foreign and domestic students in a social environment.


Global Business Guide - "Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands"paperclip

Kiss bow and shake hands resource

This resource is exclusively available to Fisher College of Business students, faculty, and staff and made possible by Marathon Petroleum Company.

The website contains content from the second edition of Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands. The complete Expanded Edition of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands offers detailed information for over 60 countries.

Global Resource Guide
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