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Office of Global Business

Why Go Global?

"What global companies look for are people who we think can take a global perspective. Students are well placed to do this if they have taken opportunities to widen their cultural perspective. The people that succeed can work in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-locational teams. If students have demonstrated they can work with other cultures and teams, that’s a big plus for us as we need students to be intellectually curious and culturally agile if they are going to work in a global context."

     Sonja Stockton, Director, Talent, PricewaterhouseCoopers


How Can Students Go Global?

Students can select from a variety of options where they can put classroom theories into action in an exciting international location:

  • Short-Term Programs in Belgium/Germany/UK, Brazil, Czech Republic/Poland, Demark, Greece/Hungary/Turkey, or Singapore
  • Summer Internship Programs in Australia, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain or Ohio Export Internship Program
  • Student Exchange Programs in 18 locations around the world