Future Corporate Mentors

In addition to learning theories and best practices through the classroom experience, it is important that MBA students receive practical guidance and expertise, as they navigate through industries, career choices, and business culture in general.

We recognize that some of the best teachers to help provide guidance and expertise are corporate mentors; community business leaders who are willing to guide and advise students. Our program offers MBA students the opportunity to interact and learn from corporate mentors.

Each year, we gather applications from successful executives and interested students for a mentoring experience during the first year of the MBA program. Matches take into account the student's particular needs and career interests and the backgrounds and skills of the corporate mentors.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to foster a successful mentoring relationship between MBA students and corporate executives, giving students the opportunity to:

  • Gain exposure to the business community
  • Learn about and discuss specific career paths
  • Develop and cultivate a business network
  • Understand the relevance of their academic studies
  • See what tasks and issues executives really face
  • Discuss attributes and experiences companies are truly looking for in potential candidates

Program Timeline

Students identified critical stages of the MBA program where mentoring is most needed; therefore, corporate mentors and students are matched for a 6-month mentoring experience from November through April of the first year of the MBA program.

  • Early Fall Semester:  Mentor Recruitment
  • November 2015: Mentor/Student-Mentee Matches announced
  • November 2015: Opening Reception at The Blackwell Inn
  • January - April 2016: Networking Nights
  • Late April: Closing Reception

Mentor Expectations

We recognize that you, as a corporate executive, lead a very busy life; therefore expectations regarding the amount and exact nature of activities during the program are flexible. We ask that you interact and/or connect with your student-mentee 2 to 3 times per month, but the exact commitment really depends on the individual mentor, the student and the evolution of the relationship.

Our program is successful because our extraordinary volunteer mentors are committed to:
  • Guiding and advising students interested in their career field
  • Contributing to the personal and professional development of future business leaders
  • Giving back to the business community
  • Maintaining contact with Fisher College of Business and The Ohio State University

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact our mentor program office, hood.122@osu.edu, to receive a link to our online Mentor Profile and get more information. We will then add you to our mentor portfolio. If matched with a student we will provide you with more detailed information including a Mentor Guide with suggested discussion topics and activities to help cultivate a successful relationship.


Program Contact

Molly Hood
Program Manager, Graduate Leadership Development

(614) 292-3537