Career Planning

Individualized. Consultative. Effective.

Perhaps the first question on every potential MBA student’s mind is “Will I get a great job upon graduation?” At Fisher, the proof is in the numbers. Our Office of Career Management has a long and outstanding track record of success in helping students generate great employment outcomes post-graduation. 

For many years running, more than 90 percent of Fisher MBA graduates have secured jobs within three months after graduation. We believe our individualized, strategic, consultative approach in partnering with students is the key to that success.

Prepare for a Career

Fisher’s Office of Career Management adopts an individualized and strategic approach to facilitating placement. The point is not simply to “find a job,” but rather to think strategically about your career goals, long-term, and then develop an effective plan for getting there. Your approach should include, but not be limited to, that first position post-MBA. With a longer-term view, and armed with skills to manage your own career, you graduate from Fisher in powerful position to make things happen over the course of a lifetime - not just in that first job.

As a Fisher MBA, you will receive support in preparing for your internship and job search, including help in refining your resume and in improving interviewing and networking skills.  Career Management also offers a unique series of "Career Foundation Seminars" that help position you for career success by learning from 2nd year MBAs, alumni, inudstry professionals, faculty, corporate recruiters, and hiring managers.


Employment Success

View statistics showing compensation data and average starting salaries of MBA graduates by role and geographic region.

Companies Hiring Fisher MBA Graduates

Fisher graduates are recruited by companies of all sizes, industries and geographic locations. The companies range from Fortune 500 to small business, from banking to pharmaceutical, from regional to multinational corporations.

Office of Career Management

The Office of Career Management provides personalized services to develop the best prepared job seekers and be every employer's favorite place to recruit. The Office of Career Management empowers you to take ownership of your career.