Team Learning

Today’s team-based business practices demand that leaders be able to collaborate and work collectively toward common goals. But successful teams are comprised of self-actualized individuals with unique skills and capabilities who understand their strengths and their weaknesses and how to maximize their contribution. 

So, the objective of our LPD program is not only to help you acquire and hone your individual capabilities, but to provide a foundation that allows you to continue to grow as an individual, as a team member and as leader throughout your career. This is achieved through a curriculum that includes assessments, custom-developed workshops, experiential learning activities and world-class speakers.

Fisher MBA core teams are small groups of four or five students who are partnered together for all core classes during the first year. Together, you will face the challenges of the core curriculum, as you work together on projects for different classes.

Course work will include case studies, analysis of group dynamics, team presentations, and group projects. You will be exposed to the challenge, intelligence, and synergy of working in teams and will learn how to be an outstanding team player. Outside of the core curriculum, you will also find that team work continues to be an emphasis in the MBA program.

In Their Words