Make Your Own Major

The interdisciplinary major is designed for students who want to take a highly-customized and personalized approach to their MBA elective curriculum.

Creative majors recently completed by Fisher MBAs include:
  • Consulting in Financial Services
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership and Human Resources
  • Real Estate Development
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing
  • Enterprise Sustainability

Students choosing this major have three options

  1. Complete one career track and one concentration (a total of seven courses).
  2. Complete three concentrations (a total of nine courses).
  3. Complete two career tracks (a total of eight courses).

A concentration is a short educational path designed by a faculty advisor to provide a student with experience in a functional area. Each concentration is composed of three elective courses.

An interdisciplinary career track is also designed by a faculty advisor to provide an educational experience in a business area that cuts across functional roles in a corporate environment. Each of the eight tracks, including a “make your own” (MYO) option, comprises four elective courses.

You can apply to pursue the self-designed, interdisciplinary concentration by completing the Interdisciplinary Studies Application Form and providing evidence that no other existing major meets your goals and objectives. Your course of study must also be approved by the MBA Program Committee.

In Their Words

  • Nate DeMars

    "One of the big advantages of Fisher's MBA program is that it allows you to tap into the vast network of resources available through the Ohio State University.

    I was able to take courses at the Moritz College of Law and also at the Knowlton School of Architecture to combine my interest in business with my passion for historic preservation and urban development."

    Nate DeMars
    MBA Class of 2011