Global Opportunities

Make the world your own

Our global mindset and knowledge base give you an edge that will help you succeed in business - no matter where in the world your business takes you. 

The MBA program’s global nature will be a part of nearly everything you do, whether working with fellow classmates, interacting with diverse faculty, studying abroad, networking with Fisher’s global alumni, or pursuing an internship abroad.


Short-term Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programs

The Office of Global Business works closely with faculty to offer students unique opportunities to combine academic study with global exploration, learning first-hand about business practices and challenges around the world. Choose from multiple countries to visit and study or take a course in Green Business with a trip to Costa Rica.

Global Applied Projects (GAP) Program

Students in the MBA program have the opportunity to participate in the GAP program. Each course focuses on a different region of the world: Asia, Europe, South America. These courses will consist of coursework, action learning projects, and an in-country experience...all designed to enhance understanding of doing business in the region.

Global Business Expeditions

Fisher Global Business Expeditions are opportunities for student's to spend one week travelling abroad with Fisher faculty to learn more about business and culture. Students develop international business knowledge and self-awareness that enhance their global perspective.


In the Classroom

About 4,000 students across Ohio State come from over 100 countries outside of the United States. Even within this established global setting, Fisher is recognized for its high percentage of international students in the MBA program.

During the past year, Fisher's global recruiting tour spanned several continents and our representatives met prospective students in Europe, Latin America, South Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We typically have about 20 countries represented in each year's class of about 120 students.

Class Discussions

In addition to cultural perspectives, you might be surprised to find that a classmate from China views market efficiency from a very different angle than a student from India or the United States. Broadening your horizons through such diversity will help you succeed as a leader in the increasingly global business environment.

Fisher faculty also have international pedigrees, whether originally citizens of another country and culture or having spent significant amounts of time learning and teaching abroad.

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