Our MBA curriculum is designed to help you obtain the education that best matches your professional goals and aspirations.

Pre-TermYear OneSummer BreakYear Two

Intensive 2-week introduction to Fisher, MBA core, and leadership foundations. Participation is required.

Students participate in core business courses to build fundamental skills and knowledge before exploring electives.

Most students accept internships to gain experience in their area of specialization.

Students select from more than 100 electives to complete their major.

Leadership and Professional Development

Building strong leadership skills and a competitive edge begins on day one and continues throughout the MBA program. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best in various executive speaking events, development programs, and networking opportunities.

Credit Hour Summary

MBA core courses at Fisher College of Business provide in-depth exploration of the functional areas that are critical to a complete understanding of the business environment.

As a student, you will choose a major from one of Fisher's offerings or work with your academic advisor to design your own major, allowing you to choose the best path for your future goals. 

To complete your degree, you can choose from a wide variety of elective courses; in fact, any graduate course offered by The Ohio State University can be taken, if related to your course of study.

  11 Core Classes
(27 Credit Hours)
+ Complete a Major
(12 Credit Hours)
+ Elective Courses
(18 Credit Hours)
= 57 Total
Credit Hours

Core Classes:
Accounting Data Analysis
Finance International Business
Leadership Managerial Economics
Marketing Operations
Organizational Behavior Professional Development and Business Communication
Elective Classes

For more information on elective options, please visit the majors section.