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Victoria Akinjare Covenant University
Brent Ambrose Penn State University
Wayne Archer University of Florida
Paul Asabere Temple University
Al Auxier University of Tennessee
John Benjamin American University
Earl Benson Western Washington University
Jay Berger California State University-Northridge
Donald Bleich California State University-Northridge
Tom Boehm University of Tennessee
Elizabeth Booth Michigan State University
James Boykin Virginia Commonwealth University
Jay Butler Arizona State University
Roger Cannaday University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Susanne Cannon DePaul University
Dennis Capozza University of Michigan
Peter Chinloy American University
Yongqiang Chu University of South Carolina
Peter Colwell University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
John Crockett George Mason University
Joseph Davis Arizona State University
Peter Englund Stockholm School of Economics
Donald Epley Washington State University
Jerry Ferguson Virginia Commonwealth University
Kerry Fields University of Southern California
Lynn Fisher University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
David Frame University of Colorado-Boulder
Stuart Gabriel University of California-Los Angeles
Richard Garrigan DePaul University
Erasmo Giambona University of Amsterdam
William Goetzmann Yale University
Steven Grenadier Stanford University
Karl Guntermann Arizona State University
Joseph Gyourko University of Pennsylvania
Richard Haney Texas A&M University
William Hardin Mississippi State University
David Harrison Texas Tech University
David Hartzell University of North Carolina
Martin Hoesli University of Geneva
Andrew Holmes Brigham Young University
Forrest Huffman Temple University
David Hysinger San Francisco State University
Don Johnson Western Illinois University
Steven Kapplin University of South Florida
Osama Khan University of Surrey
Phillip Kolbe University of Memphis
Cornelia Kullmann University of British Columbia
Michael LaCour-Little California State University-Fullerton
William Landsea University of Miami
James Larsen Wright State University
Che-Chun Lin National Tsing Hua University
David Ling University of Florida
Peter Linneman University of Pennsylvania
Joseph Lipscomb Texas Christian University
Crocker Liu Cornell University
Peng Liu Cornell University
Peng Liu Cornell University
Ward McDonald University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
William McKinney Angelo State University
Patrick McLaughlin Northwest Missouri State University
Edwin Mills Northwestern University
Joseph Pagliari University of Chicago
Katherine Pancak University of Connecticut
Andrey Pavlov Simon Fraser University
Richard Phillips Virginia Commonwealth University
Tomasz Piskorski Columbia University
August Ralston Iowa State University
Terry Robertson University of Oklahoma
Mauricio Rodriguez Texas Christian University
Ronald Rogers University of South Carolina
Philip Rushing University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Jay Sa-Aadu University of Iowa
Lynne Sagalyn Columbia University
Robert Schweitzer University of Delaware
Michael Seiler Old Dominion University
C.F. Sirmans University of Connecticut
Barrett Slade Brigham Young University
Bert Stine Stephen F. Austin University
Michael Sullivan Florida International University
Donald Valachi California State University-Fullerton
Susan Wachter University of Pennsylvania
Neil Waller Clemson University
Charles Ward University of Reading
David West University of Missouri-Columbia
Martin Wolverton Washington State University


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