Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty

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Linda Allen CUNY-Baruch College
Andres Almazan University of Texas at Austin
Sanjay Banerji McGill University
James Barth Auburn University
Matthew Billett Indiana University
Harold Black University of Tennessee
Calvin Boardman University of Utah
M.E. Bond University of Memphis
David Bond University of British Columbia
Vittorio Bonomo Virginia Tech
Arnoud Boot University of Amsterdam
Jim Booth DePaul University
David Bowers Case Western Reserve University
John Boyd University of Minnesota
Charles Calomiris Columbia University
Gregory Chaudoin Loyola University of Chicago
William Christiansen Florida State University
Susan Christoffersen McGill University
Jeffrey Clark Florida State University
Cary Collins University of Tennessee
Giuseppe Corvino Bocconi University
Didier Cossin HEC School of Management - Montréal
Dwight Crane Harvard Business School
Marco Cucculelli University of Ancona
Faramarz Damanpour James Madison University
Travis Davidson Ohio University
Hans Degryse Tilburg University
Richard DeMong University of Virginia-McIntire
Jean Dermine INSEAD
Kim Dietrich University of Southern California
Robert Donchez University of Colorado-Boulder
Michael Dyer University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Peter Eisemann Georgia State University
David Ely San Diego State University
Elyas Elyasiani Temple University
Ben Esty Harvard University
Pier Luigi Fabrizi Bocconi University
Viktar Fedaseyeu Bocconi University
Michael Ferri George Mason University
Michael Fishman Northwestern University
Mark Flannery University of Florida
Giancarlo Forestieri Bocconi University
Donald Fraser Texas A&M University
Jack Gaumnitz University of Kansas
Scott Gibson College of William and Mary
Debra Glassman University of Washington
Lawrence Goldberg University of Miami
Stuart Greenbaum Washington University-St. Louis
Jack Griggs Abilene Christian University
Alan Grunewald Michigan State University
Beverly Hadaway University of Texas at Austin
Charles Haley University of Washington
Gerald Hanweck George Mason University
John Harding University of Connecticut
Charles Haywood University of Kentucky
Richard Herring University of Pennsylvania
Paul Horvitz University of Houston
Ronald Horwitz Oakland University
Jann Howell Iowa State University
Larry Huckins CUNY-Baruch College
Sylvia Hudgins Old Dominion University
David Humphrey Florida State University
Jayvanth Ishwaran Stephen F. Austin University
Donald Jacobs Northwestern University
John Jahera Auburn University
Neelam Jain Northern Illinois University
Christopher James University of Florida
Charles James St. Louis University
James Johannes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hazel Johnson University of Louisville
John Kareken University of Minnesota
George Kaufman Loyola University of Chicago
Abhay Kaushik Radford University
Robert Kemp University of Virginia-McIntire
William Kennedy University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Ralph Kimball Babson College
Tim Koch University of South Carolina
James Kolari Texas A&M University
Ken Kopecky Temple University
Gary Koppenhaver Iowa State University
Bill Kracaw Penn State University
Chun Lam Southern Methodist University
Robert Lamy Wake Forest University
Nicholas Lash Loyola University of Chicago
Richard Lindholm University of Oregon
Frederic Lobez University of Lille II
Robert Losey American University
Tim Loughran University of Notre Dame
Morgan Lynge University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
James Marchand Loyola University of Chicago
Kelly Matthews University of Utah
James McNutly Florida Atlantic University
Brian Melzer Northwestern University
Robert Mettlen University of Texas at Austin
Frederic Mishkin Columbia University
George Morgan Virginia Tech
Thomas Morrissey Case Western Reserve University
Donald Mullineaux University of Kentucky
Neil Murphy Virginia Commonwealth University
David Musto University of Pennsylvania
Joe Nosari Florida State University
Steven Ongena Tilburg University
Yair Orgler Tel-Aviv University
Evren Ors HEC School of Management - Paris
George Parker Stanford University
George Pennacchi University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Laurence Pettit University of Virginia-McIntire
Guillaume Plantin London Business School
James Poapst University of Toronto
Dianna Preece University of Louisville
Manju Puri Duke University
David Pyle University of California-Berkeley
Raghuram Rajan University of Chicago
Andreas Rauterkus University of Alabama-Birmingham
John Rose Baylor University
Chip Ruscher University of Arizona
Anthony Santomero University of Pennsylvania
Anthony Saunders New York University
Roger Severns Minnesota State University, Mankato
Alan Shapiro University of Southern California
Richard Sheehan University of Notre Dame
Gary Simpson Oklahoma State University
Myron Slovin Louisiana State University
Roy Smith New York University
Lewis Spellman University of Texas at Austin
Paul Spindt Tulane University
John Spitzer University of Iowa
Michael Spivey Clemson University
Roger Stover Iowa State University
Charlene Sullivan Purdue University
Matti Suominen INSEAD
Marie Sushka Arizona State University
Itzhak Swary Tel-Aviv University
Harry Thiewes Minnesota State University, Mankato
NK Thingalaya K.S.Hegde Institute of Management
Pamela Turner Howard University
Gregory Udell Indiana University
Francisco Valero Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Jim Verbrugge University of Georgia
Peter Went Bucknell University
James Wilcox University of California-Berkeley
Andrew Winton University of Minnesota
Edward Wolfe Western Kentucky University
Fred Yeager St. Louis University
Eric Zitzewitz Dartmouth College


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