Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty

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Gabriel Macaya, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Ian Mackinnon, Vanguard Group Inc
Ananth Madhavan, Barclays Global Investors
Edward Madigan, Chem Lab Products Inc
Konstantijn Maes, National Bank of Belgium
Stephane Magnan, Dexia Public Finance Bank
Elizabeth Mair, Brc Publications
Abdullah Makame, Institute of Finance Management
Kevin Maloney, Putnam Companies
Harry Mamaysky, Citigroup
Susan Mangiero, Pension Governance, LLC
M Alexis Maniatis, The Brattle Group
John Manoyan, West End Resources
Michelangelo Margaria, Moody's Investor Service
Marion Marlow, Excel Education Library
Harry Marmer, Franklin Templeton Investments Corp
David Marshall, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Josue Martinez-garmendia, Seafood Market Analyst
Marina Martynova, Cornerstone Research
Rumi Masih, Goldman Sachs & Co
John Massa, Investment Bank
Masao Matsuda, Nikko Securities Intl
Paolo Mauro, Inernational Monetary Fund
Mabel May Bo, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd
Stewart Mayhew, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Sumon Mazumdar, LECG and University of California-Berkeley
Carlo Mazzola, Carlo Mazzola & Partners
Thomas Mcclish, Virginia Retirement System
Conor Mcenroy, Lehman Brothers
Dennis McLeavey, Association for Investment Management and Research
Peter Mcleod, Wyeth-ayerst Research
Henry Mcmillan, Pacific Life
Richard Meese, Barclays Global Investors
Danny Meidan, Menta Capital
James Meil, Eaton Corp
Mark Melville Sarath, Skills Lanka Limited
Michael Melvin, BlackRock
Guillermo Mendoza
Tom Merfeld, Cuna Mutual Ins Soc
Loretta Mester, Fed Res Bank Of Philadelphia
Leon Metzger, Paloma Partners
Stephen Meyer, Fed Res Bk Philadelphia
Jim Middlemiss, Shoreline Communications
Piwowar Mike, Senate Banking Committee
Hans Mikkelsen, Banc of America Securities
Ross Miller, Miller Risk Advisors
Costas Miranthis, Towers Perrin
Robert Mitchell, Ssb Citi Asset Management
Thomas Mo, Exxonmobilcorp
Alberto Moel, Monitor Group
Luis Mondragon-sotelo, Itesm-ccm
Erwan Monellec, E D H E C
Bradley Mongrain, West Linn Paper Co
Jim Moore, PIMCO
Antonio Mota Pizarro, Investment Bank
Paul Moul, P Moul & Associates
George Mouskides, CLR Financial Services
Majed Muhtaseb, Adia
James Mulchay, M & T Bank
Thomas Mullin, Constellations Brands Inc
David Munro, Hamilton Teachers Credit Union
Ramaswami Murali, Lehman Brothers
Marcia Musisi-nkambwe, Usaid
Aboud Mwinyi, Maastricht

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If you do not find the school that you are looking for, try Yahoo!. Another good source in which to try to find a specific person is the International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals, maintained by Ivo Welch at Yale.

A more comprehensive printed guide is written each year by James Hasselback and is printed and distributed free of charge by Prentice-Hall. You can typically pick up a copy of Hasselback's Guide to Finance Faculty by asking your Prentice-Hall sales rep or by dropping by a Prentice-Hall booth at a finance convention.

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