Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty

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Sang-Kun Bae, Korea Economic Research Institute
Robert Baird, Tamarac Investment Partners Inc
Chiona Balfoussia, Central Bank
Nitin Balwani, Adventity Research
Thomas Barkley, Enron Corporation
Rita Barkoivich, Sanford Bernstein
William Barr, Zurich Scudder Investments, Inc
Clementina Barroso, In Deg/iscte
Kousik Basu, Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of Indi
Donna Battista, Addison Wesley Longman
Michael Baumann, Wirtschafswoche
Elias Belessakos, ING Investment Management
David Belitz, The Lupton Company, LLC
Daniel Bennett, Spartan Stores
Luca Benzoni, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Eric Berger, Bloomberg Lp
Larry Berger, Swiss Re New Markets
Michael Bergmann, AMG National Trust Bank
Mitchell Berlin, Federal Reserve Bank Of Philadelphia
Peter Bernstein, Peter L. Bernstein, Inc.
Richard Bernstein, Merrill Lynch & Co
Teresa Bess, American Stock Exchange
Eric Best, Bear Sterns
Carr Bettis, Camelback Research Alliance, Inc
Vineer Bhansali, Pimco
Nirpal Bharaj, Cordiant Communications Group Pic
Nicholas Biekpe, Africagrowth Institute
Nicholas Biepke, Africagrowth Institute
Kevin Blaser, Shay Assets Management, Inc.
David Blitzer, Standard & Poor's
Mark Blomquist, Waterside Associates Inc
Lynda Borucki, The Brattle Group
Andre Boschert, Oakwood Associates
Michael Botlo, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Ange Boua, Academy Albertina Of Fine Art of Turin
Richard S Bower, Bower Rohr & Associates
John C Bowling, Bowling Portfolio Mgmt Inc
Noland Bradshaw, New Jersey State Treasury
Olivier Brandouy, LILLE 1
Richard Brealey, Bank Of England
Peter Breuer, International Monetary Fund
J Alfred Broaddus, Federal Reserve Bank Of Richmond
Roberts Brokaw, Roberts Brokaw Llc
Dennis Brown, Pricewaterhousecoopers
Dr. Sid Browne, Goldman, Sachs & Co
Scott Browne, Pseg Energy Holdings
Gerald Buetow, BFRC Services, LLC
Barry Burton, First Capital Advisers
Thomas Buss, Swg Ag
Gregory Bylinski, Tower Research Capital
Alistair Byrne, Aegon Asset Mgmt
Joe Byrne, Newark Group Inc
Tom Bystedt, 3c Fund Management Ltd

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If you do not find the school that you are looking for, try Yahoo!. Another good source in which to try to find a specific person is the International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals, maintained by Ivo Welch at Yale.

A more comprehensive printed guide is written each year by James Hasselback and is printed and distributed free of charge by Prentice-Hall. You can typically pick up a copy of Hasselback's Guide to Finance Faculty by asking your Prentice-Hall sales rep or by dropping by a Prentice-Hall booth at a finance convention.

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