Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty

University of California-Berkeley

Sandro Andrade, University of Miami
James Angel, Georgetown University
Ilona Babenko, Arizona State University
Lawrence Benveniste, Emory University
Allen Berger, University of South Carolina
Avi Bick, Simon Fraser University
Bradyn Breon-Drish, Stanford University
Steve Cecchetti, Brandeis University
Andrew Chen, Southern Methodist University
Menzie Chinn, University of Wisconsin-Madison
John Cochrane, University of Chicago
Domenico Cuoco, University of Pennsylvania
Sankar De, Indian School of Business
Shijie Deng, Georgia Institute of Technology
Anres Donangelo, University of Texas at Austin
Christopher Downing, Rice University
Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame
Nicholas Economides, New York University
Charles Engel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vihang Errunza, McGill University
Caroline Fohlin, Johns Hopkins University
Ken Froot, Harvard Business School
Stuart Gabriel, University of California-Los Angeles
Diego Garcia, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Simon Gervais, Duke University
Robert Geske, University of California-Los Angeles
Paolo Ghirardato, California Institute of Technology
Thomas Gilbert, University of Washington
Robert Goldstein, University of Minnesota
Joseph Greco, California State University-Fullerton
Dirk Hackbarth, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Kathleen Hagerty, Northwestern University
Marina Halac, Columbia University
John Harding, University of Connecticut
Barney Hartman-Glaser, Duke University
Charles Haywood, University of Kentucky
John Herzog, Simon Fraser University
Stephen Hillegeist, INSEAD
Jonas Hjort, Columbia University
David Humphrey, Florida State University
Nengjiu Ju, University of Maryland
Ralph Kimball, Babson College
Shimon Kogan, University of Texas at Austin
Lorenz Kueng, Northwestern University
Lorenz Kueng, Northwestern University
Mauricio Larrain, Columbia University
Peng Liu, Cornell University
Peng Liu, Cornell University
Lars Lochstoer, Columbia University
Megan MacGarvie, Boston University
Joseph Messina, San Francisco State University
James Morris, University of Colorado-Denver
Vasant Naik, University of British Columbia
Edwin Neave, Queens University
Ray Nelson, Brigham Young University
Doron Nissim, Columbia University
Robert Novy-Marx, University of Rochester
Terrance Odean, University of California-Berkeley
Miguel Palacios, Vanderbilt University
David Parsley, Vanderbilt University
Cyrus Ramezani, California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
Michael Roberts, University of Pennsylvania
Gonzalo Rubio, Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU
Judith Ruha, University of Washington
Oded Sarig, Tel-Aviv University
Haim Shalit, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Dennis Sheehan, Penn State University
Arthur Small, Penn State University
Donald Smith, Boston University
Yuri Tserlukevich, Arizona State University
Branko Urosevic, University of Belgrade
Joel Vanden, Penn State University
Anand Vijh, University of Iowa
John K. Wald, Rutgers University
Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University
Ralph Winter, University of British Columbia
Takeshi Yamada, National University Of Singapore
Hong Yan, University of South Carolina
John Yiran Zhu, University of Pennsylvania

If you do not find the school that you are looking for, try Google. Another good source in which to try to find a specific person is the International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals, maintained by Ivo Welch at Yale.

A more comprehensive printed guide is written each year by James Hasselback and is printed and distributed free of charge by Prentice-Hall. You can typically pick up a copy of Hasselback's Guide to Finance Faculty by asking your Prentice-Hall sales rep or by dropping by a Prentice-Hall booth at a finance convention.

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