Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty

Stanford University

Andrew Ang, Columbia University
Kyle Bagwell, Stanford University
Snehal Banerjee, Northwestern University
Michael Barclay, University of Rochester
Avraham Beja, Tel-Aviv University
Andrew Bernard, Dartmouth College
Antonio Bernardo, University of California-Los Angeles
Antje Berndt, Carnegie Mellon University
Bernard Black, Northwestern University
Jacob Boudoukh, HEC School of Management - Montréal
Robert (Jerry) Bowman, University of Auckland
Douglas Breeden, Duke University
Mark Broadie, Columbia University
David Brown, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robert (Jerry) Brown, University of Auckland
Charles Calomiris, Columbia University
Miguel Cantillo-Simon, University of California-Berkeley
Joseph Chen, University of California-Davis
Albert Lee Chun, Copenhagen Business School
Jeffrey Coles, Arizona State University
Francesca Colloredo-Mansfeld, University of Iowa
Brad Cornell, University of California-Los Angeles
Charles Cuny, Washington University-St. Louis
Qiang Dai, University of North Carolina
Peter DeMarzo, Stanford University
Elizabeth Demers, INSEEC
I. Serdar Dinc, Rutgers University
Dennis Draper, Loyola Marymount University
Darrell Duffie, Stanford University
Ed Dyl, University of Arizona
Steinar Ekern, Norwegian School Of Economics And Business Admin
Ellen Engel, University of Chicago
Wayne Ferson, University of Southern California
Richard Frankel, Washington University-St. Louis
Ruth Freedman, University of British Columbia
William Fuchs, University of California-Berkeley
Craig Furfine, Northwestern University
Nicholae Gârleanu, University of California-Berkeley
Mark Garmaise, University of California-Los Angeles
Jack Gaumnitz, University of Kansas
Brett Green, University of California-Berkeley
David Grether, California Institute of Technology
Aparna Gupta, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
Charles Haley, University of Washington
Hal Heaton, Brigham Young University
Terrence Hendershott, University of California-Berkeley
Philippe Henrotte, HEC School of Management - Paris
Humberto Herrera, ITESM
Pekka Hietala, INSEAD
Robert Higgins, University of Washington
Yael Hochberg, Northwestern University
James Hodder, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Laurie Hodrick, Columbia University
Cliff Holderness, Boston College
Bengt Holmstrom, MIT
Ming Huang, Cornell University
Mathew Jackson, California Institute of Technology
Mark Jenkins, University of Pennsylvania
Travis Johnson, University of Texas at Austin
Scott Joslin, University of Southern California
Robert Joss, Stanford University
Michael Knetter, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jennifer Koski, University of Washington
Camelia Kuhnen, Northwestern University
Praveen Kumar, University of Houston
Donald Lessard, MIT
Doron Levit, University of Pennsylvania
K Lim, Singapore Management University
Laura Lindsey, Arizona State University
Jun Liu, University of California-San Diego
Peter Lusztig, University of British Columbia
Andrey Malenko, MIT
Gustavo Manso, University of California-Berkeley
David McAdams, Duke University
John McDonald, Stanford University
Kumar Muthuraman, University of Texas at Austin
Angela Ng, Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Kjell Nyborg, Norwegian School Of Economics And Business Admin
Jun Pan, MIT
George Parker, Stanford University
Lasse Pedersen, New York University
Didier Pene, HEC School of Management - Paris
Andre Perold, Harvard Business School
Monika Piazzesi, Stanford University
Stanley Pliska, University of Illinois-Chicago
Andrea Pratt, Columbia University
John Pringle, University of North Carolina
Rohit Rahi, London School of Economics
Uday Rajan, University of Michigan
Krishna Ramaswamy, University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Richardson, New York University
Ehud Ronn, University of Texas at Austin
Richard Saito, Fundacao Getulio Vargas
Arthur Segel, Harvard University
Sherrill Shaffer, University of Wyoming
Clemens Sialm, University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Siegel, University of Washington
J.B. Silvers, Case Western Reserve University
Costis Skiadas, Northwestern University
Scott Smart, Indiana University
Tom Smith, Australian National University
Josephine Smith, New York University
Morten Sorensen, Columbia University
Lewis Spellman, University of Texas at Austin
Richard Stanton, University of California-Berkeley
Richard Stehle, Humboldt University of Berlin
Samuel Stewart, University of Utah
Neal Stoughton, UNSW Sydney
Alexei Tchistyi, University of California-Berkeley
Lucie Tepla, INSEAD
Raphael Thomadsen, University of California-Los Angeles
Lynda Thoman, Purdue University
Steven Tomlinson, Acton School of Business
Alexander Triantis, University of Maryland
Eric Van den Steen, Harvard Business School
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, New York University
Edward Van Wesep, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Neng Wang, Columbia University
Pierre-Olivier Weill, University of California-Los Angeles
Robert Whitelaw, New York University
Guojun Wu, University of Houston
Wei Yang, University of Rochester
Baozhong Yang, Georgia State University
Ayako Yasuda, University of California-Davis

If you do not find the school that you are looking for, try Google. Another good source in which to try to find a specific person is the International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals, maintained by Ivo Welch at Yale.

A more comprehensive printed guide is written each year by James Hasselback and is printed and distributed free of charge by Prentice-Hall. You can typically pick up a copy of Hasselback's Guide to Finance Faculty by asking your Prentice-Hall sales rep or by dropping by a Prentice-Hall booth at a finance convention.

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