Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty


Felipe Aguerrevere, University of Alberta
Kenneth Ahern, University of Southern California
Edward Altman, New York University
Warren Bailey, Cornell University
Pierluigi Balduzzi, Boston College
Jay Berger, California State University-Northridge
Jennifer Bethel, Babson College
Brian Betker, St. Louis University
Donald Bleich, California State University-Northridge
Peter Bossaerts, California Institute of Technology
Tyrone Callahan, University of Southern California
Huining Cao, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Augusto Castillo, Universidad Catolica de Chile
Rajesh Chakrabarti, Indian School of Business
Henry Cheeseman, University of Southern California
Nai-Fu Chen, University of California-Irvine
Tarun Chordia, Emory University
Gonzalo Cortazar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Joshua Coval, Harvard University
Aswath Damodaran, New York University
Larry Dann, University of Oregon
Alexander David, University of Calgary
Harry DeAngelo, University of Southern California
Tom Doyel, California State University-Fresno
Laura Field, Penn State University
Peter Frost, University of Washington
Gerald Garvey, University of British Columbia
Bruno Gerard, Norwegian School of Management
Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics
Amit Goyal, University of Lausanne
Nils Hakansson, University of California-Berkeley
Bing Han, University of Texas at Austin
Robert Hansen, Dartmouth College
Jean Helwege, Penn State University
Pierre Hillion, INSEAD
Craig Holden, Indiana University
Chuan-yang Hwang, Nanyang Tech University
Ravi Jain, National University Of Singapore
Jonathan Karpoff, University of Washington
Ross Levine, University of Minnesota
Qiao Liu, University of Hong Kong
Tobias Moskowitz, University of Chicago
Harold Mulherin, Claremont McKenna College
Andrey Pavlov, Simon Fraser University
Richardson Pettit, University of Houston
Edward Rice, University of Washington
Mark Rubinstein, University of California-Berkeley
John Sell, College of Wooster
William Sharpe, Stanford University
Kuldeep Shastri, University of Pittsburgh
Ronald Shrieves, University of Tennessee
Janet Smith, Claremont McKenna College
Richard Smith, University of California-Riverside
Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, University of California-Los Angeles
Bhaskaran Swaminathan, Cornell University
Belen Villalonga, Harvard Business School
Russell Wermers, University of Maryland
David Wessels, University of Pennsylvania
Randolph Westerfield, University of Southern California
Shu Yan, University of South Carolina
Pansy Yang, University of California-Los Angeles
Thomas Zorn, University of Nebraska

If you do not find the school that you are looking for, try Google. Another good source in which to try to find a specific person is the International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals, maintained by Ivo Welch at Yale.

A more comprehensive printed guide is written each year by James Hasselback and is printed and distributed free of charge by Prentice-Hall. You can typically pick up a copy of Hasselback's Guide to Finance Faculty by asking your Prentice-Hall sales rep or by dropping by a Prentice-Hall booth at a finance convention.

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