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*PC Trader
Real-time 24 hour coverage of treasuries, foreign exchange, and currency markets from the web. PC Trader delivers this market data live and at a modest cost. (Produced by Market Broadcasting Corporation).
*Perfect Information
Perfect Information provides an interactive electronic library of original financial documents to companies.
*Piper Jaffray
Offers a summary of current interest rates and a concise fixed income market commentary.
*PMpublishing's Daily Option Summary
This is a web site that analyzes options data from the major commodity exchanges and includes such things as historical v. implied volatilities and volatility skew graphs. It also has a comprehensive online pricing function. All of this information is very useful to both options and futures traders, and is free of charge.
Primark is a major information services company that owns, among other services, Datastream, Disclosure and I/B/E/S.
*Public Register's Annual Report Service (PRARS)
Obtain free annual reports (mailed within 8 business hours of request) on over 3200 public companies from PRARS.
*Price Waterhouse
Check out their Venture Capital Survey based on data from over 1000 venture capital firms.
*Pristine Day Trader
Daily investment advice and stock charts for those who change positions in the market several times a week. If you are a short-term investor this site is recommended.


At QBL, they use what they sell and offer full technical support on a complete range of products. Whether you are after Australian stock data or International commodity data and updates or a simple charting package, books, trading environments or education, you will find it here. QBL is also the manager for two public companies trading managed futures.
Leading source for real time financial market data, personalized news, quotes and research.
Quoteline offers a variety of financial information including


*Raging Bull
This site has lots of Free Message boards for investors in a user friendly environment.
Provides financial information to investors, including: 5400 S&P Research Reports, 2200 S&P Mutual Fund Reports, Company Profiles, Fact Sheets, and Wall Street Screens.
French Money and Securities Broker established in 1933. Under their rubrique - MARKET NEWS - they provide a daily trend on different financial product like currencies, stocks.
*Royal Bank of Canada
Find Canadian daily exchange rate and interest rate reports.
*Rye, Man & Gor Securities
Fundamental information about the Russian equity market, the political and economic situation in the country, the daily main indicators, stock quotes, latest events on the market and our vision of those events.


*Salomon Brothers
Has bond price data and market summary sheets for an annual fee.
*San Diego Daily Transcript.
Get key financial information from this daily business newspaper.
*SEC Database

*SecurityAPL Current Quote Server
Offers free quotes on equities and mutual funds, ticker search, list of financial advisors by state, PAWWS (portfolio accounting), brokerage services and market information.
*Securities Data Corporation
Best provider of securities issue data, merger data and securities trading information (AutEx BlockDATA). They just added a database of Japanese bonds.
*Short Term Stock Selector
This website provides free short term stock picks which are generated by our neural networks. Their average trade is closed out in 7.0 market days. A complete history of all trades is kept on the site. The "Info Central" server provides free Quotes & Graphs, Historical Data, Company News, Earnings Estimates, Fundamental Data, Industry Fundamentals, Company Profiles and Company Filings. On top of all this they also make a prediction on how the S&P 500 might perform in the near future.
*Silicon Investor

Offers financial CD-ROMS.
*Standard & Poors Equity Investor Services
This well-produced has today's headlines, market commentary, stock reports and information about stocks in S&P indices.
*Standard & Poors
Includes :

*Standard & Poors Compustat
*Statistics Canada
*Stock Advisory Newsletter
The investment team at the Stock Advisory Newsletter researches various small-cap companies on all Canadian and US exchanges and actively monitor these companies, while conducting intense research on them to give you an entire look at the company. WThey will send out e-mailnotifications when they find a company with substantial upside potential.
*Stock Commando
Commando Stock Trader is a highly effective manual equities trading system based on the acclaimed Commando pattern recognition system. Easy enough for novices, profitable enough for professionals!
*Stock Research (From Spain)
Find information on Spanish stocks, options forecasts, and historical data and charts of 120 spanish stocks and of the main international index.
*Stock Data Corporation
*Stock Investors' Fraud Resource
Don't be a victim of stock broker fraud! Find out the facts about recovering your losses from brokerage firms that mishandle your money.
*Stock Smart
Thinking of investing? Have a great stock tip? Want to ask a stock related question? Stock-Talk.com is one of the largest investment forum sites on the internet. Stock-Talk has over 7800 individual stock discussion boards. You can discuss your investments in forums specifically dedicated to those securities.
The site includes a searchable database of over 850 warrants, a model portfolio, company profiles, and more.
*Surfrat Quotes
Receive free picker, portfolio, and market summary email updates at this site.


*TFC Financial Charts
Free commodity and financial chart, including a wide range of commodities, many leading indexes, financial futures, and stocks. Charts are updated daily.
A Web-based daily financial publication based in New York, TheStreet.com provides original reporting and commentary on the markets, equities and mutual funds, as well as analysis of money managers, analysts and the media.
*TRINET America



*Value Investing
*Venture Capital Resource Library
*Venture Capital World Online
Worldwide marketplace for Venture Capital on the Internet. Direct contact between investors searching for Investment opportunities and Entrepreneurs with projects searching for Venture Capital.
*Vortex Volatility Chart Library
The Library currently comprises a few hundred "classic", VaR-style Exponential Moving Average, and GARCH volatility histories and forecasts for major currencies, will expand to several thousand charts over the next few months.


*Wall Street Directory
Wall Street Directory contains over 2500 pages of information for computerized traders and investors, with more than 2000 products and services from over 1000+ companies and institutions - located both on and off the Internet -- all the tools necessary for technical and fundamental analysis, including data services, educational tools, advisory newsletter, hotline and brokerage services and a complete online bookstore.
*Wall Street Discount Corporation
A great source for corporate bond data. Follows deals over time and lets you figure out current pricing in the corporate bond market.
*Wall Street Net
A great source for corporate bond data. Follows deals over time and lets you figure out current pricing in the corporate bond market.
This web site maintains a comprehensive list of American Depository Receipts, all world market indexes and their components, links to all world exchanges, central banks, and economic indicators.
A fee based stock quote and real time trading service. You can also check out two of their free areas listed below :

*World Bank
Offers country reports and project documents from its Public Information Center.
*World Wide Quote
WWQuote is a dynamically updated Real-Time stock quotation system featuring the organizational and evaluation power of the E-Valuator. The WWQuote dynamically updated Real-Time stock quotation system allows you to watch your stocks just like an investor on the floor would. When the value of a stock changes on a market, as a member you can watch that value change on your computer as well, without refreshing your screen



*Ed Yardeni's Chart Room


* Zacks Investment Research
Zacks provides coverage of 6,000+ publicly traded companies. The research is compiled from over 3,000 analysts at more than 240 different brokerage houses. - Relevant data servicing all disciplines of business (i.e. Finance, Accounting, Management, and Marketing) - More in depth detail inside service.