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*Helaba Trust
Provides German market information at no charge
*Holt's Daily Stock Market Report
*Hoovers Online
Company information doesn't have to be boring! Enjoy lively company profiles plus free access to 8,500+ records on public and private companies. Tap into the most accurate and comprehensive company information on the net.


*Ibbotson Associates
Ibbotson issues a variety of historical financial data showing returns on different asset classes. They are famous for their Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation Yearbook and charts used by thousands of teachers and brokers to explain long haul returns on various assets. Ibbotson Associates also offers portfolio optimization software and consulting services to portfolio managers.
*IBC Data
IBC Data is recognized as the leading provider of Money Market Mutual Fund data in the US. The data is collected directly from the funds and carefully screened for accuracy. Some of the data available: assets, total return and yields, portfolio holdings, shareholders, average maturity, expense information, ratings and market commentary. IBC/Donoghue also collects and provides Fixed Income Mutual Fund Data.
*I/B/E/S Analyst Earnings Forecasts
I/B/E/S is the premiere provider of analyst earnings forecast information on companies in the United States and around the world. You will find a wealth of data available including summary information and individual analyst information.
Offers a variety of data including Tradeline - Historical Security Prices.
*Information Echo
Receive real-time stock quotes directly on your alphanumeric pager or PCS phone. Their unique text paging service also provides you with a with free pager e-mail address and free CNN News updates.
This is a mining/exploration and mining-investment related information service. The INFO-MINE contains details on over 3,000 public andreporting mining/exploration companies and over 10,000 mineral properties worldwide.
*ING Bank International
ING Bank provides financial solutions worldwide through an international network which extends across emerging and developed markets, with ING Barings focusing on investment banking and ING Bank on corporate banking. Home of the ING Barings Emerging Market Index.
*Inter-American Development Bank
Offers economic and social data on Latin American countries.
*International Economics Information
*Investor's Diary
Read The Private Investment Diary of an Individual Investor. Join their newsletter for free tips and Q & A.
InvestorGuide is a free, comprehensive investing resource for new and experienced investors.
*Investors Free Forum
Investors Free Forum is a source for the free investment offers. They also provide investment commentary, stock quotes, charts, opinions and research - all updated daily. The free offers are updated monthly.
Find an IFA from a list of around 3,500 at a location near you in the UK. Or ask a team of industry experts from DBS Financial Management PLC a question on any financial matter of interest to you.
*International Monetary Fund
Has selected exchange rates and country economic information.
*Internet Securities.
Internet Securities is a leading provider of on-line financial, market and economic data for investors in selected emerging markets of Eastern and Central Europe and Russia.
*InterQuote - Continuous Quotes
*Intex Solutions - CMO data
*Institutor Logic
Provider of historical stock, futures, Commitment of Traders, and mutual fund charting data.
Investor Relations Information Network. Provides annual reports and fact books in the exact same format as the original documents including all photographs, charts, graphs, and text for hundreds of companies.
Access Web based financial analysis tools which cover Mutual funds, Annuities, Stocks, Portfolio's, Alert Server and more. The tools support all platforms conforming to HTML, Active X and Java.


*JAL Trading
*Journal of Applied Econometric Data Archive
*JP Morgan
Offers data including its Commodity Index, Currency Indices, Emerging Markets Bond Index, Government Bond Index, Government Bond Market Outlines, and Mortgage Indices. JP Morgan is using the Internet to offer information needed to implement their RiskMetrics methodology and to provide data which can help managers control risk of their positions by using information on volatilities and correlations among over 300 financial assets.


*Kensington Management Company
*Knight Capital
Knight Capital Corp. is a software and investment company that specializes in financing for small to mid-size companies who offers many products and services, all focused on simplifying the process of raising capital. These products are aimed specifically at the Capital Gap market. This market encompasses companies and entrepreneurs who are seeking financing in the $250,000 to $5 million dollar range. Traditionally investment banks and Venture capitalists shy away from these type of deals for fear of them being too small or too risky. Knight Capital sees the Capital Gap as an area that has tremendous growth potential and is just as important to the financing community as larger sized deals.


*Lehman Brothers
The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) is Europe's premier financial derivatives exchange and the third largest futures and options exchange in the world. You will find information on ordering CD-ROMs with four years of time and sales data for all financial contracts on four CD-Roms; Deutschmark Products (German Government Bond and Euromark), Sterling Products (Long Gilt, Short Sterling, FTSE 100 and FTSE Mid 250), Lira Products (Italian Government Bond and Eurolira) and an ECU/Euroswiss/JGB disc. Cost: $120 USD each.
*Lind-Waldock & Co.
The world's largest discount futures brokerage firm's site features opening calls, market pdates, charts, report schedules, news and Lind On-Line software.
*L. T. Institute of Finance
Teaches technical and fundamental analysis, stocks and options trading in bear or bull market.


MarketEdge, bringing professional information to personal investors, is the leading financial information service on the Internet. MarketEdge offers professional data at $7.95 a month - and if you join now you get one month's membership free. Find data on: Market News and Analysis, Stock Quotes, Company Reports, Company Screening, Earnings Forecasts, Insider Trading, Company Research Reports, Industry Reports, Expert Opinion and Insight, Historic Price Charts, Mutual Fund Quotes, Mutual Fund Reports, Mutual Fund Screening, Fund Market Overview, Municipal Bond News andMunicipal Bond Offerings.
*Market Guide
The Market Guide Investment Center provides timely and accurate company reports, quotes, news, price charts, stock screening tools, and industry, sector andcompany rankings on over 9,800 equities trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, and OTC Bulletin Board.
*Market Paradigm
A new website dedicated to financial futures trading. Their objective is to provide information resources to traders interested in debt and stock index futures trading.
MarketPlayer is a free financial website specializing in quantitative analysis. Some of their applications include stock Charting, stock Screening, a MarketWatch, and the HedgeHog Competition, a stock market game. The Hedgehog Competition is a great way to quantify your investment performance and understand the correlation between corporate earnings and stock valuations.
MATIF is the French futures and options exchange and offers investors products such as Stock index, interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodities. The web site has historical data and statistics.
*McGladrey & Pullen LLP
*Mead Data Central Lexis/Nexis
With an account you can search current news stories full text, access legal decisions, and obtain a wide variety of full-text financial information on companies around the world. This source is expensive, but they do have an academic program if you inquire.
*Media Logic Economic Indicators
Has hundreds of data series from 1948 to the present including interest rates, CPI, options prices and industry group performance information.
*Merrill Lynch OnLine
This is a site with a client access button, product information, as well as selected Merrill Lynch commentary and research for all users.
*Midas Online
Midas Online provides real-time currency quotes updated every 10 seconds (and will add stock indices and commodities in real-time very soon) as well as in-depth analysis of the main financial markets, market news and educational resources.
*The Mining Company
Find relavent links to excellent sites for researching equity investments -- arranged to easily find what you need. Each link includes a brief commentary. The site is updated at least once each week.
*Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services of Argentina
The ministry provides Internet WWW users access to economic, financial and commercial information on the country. It also includes statistical data, census bureau data and investment opportunities.
*MIT Stock Price Data
Moneyline is a provider of financial information and data including GovPX. GovPX was formed to provide better access to U.S. Treasury bond data and provides information on Treasury prices from 5 inter-dealer bond brokers who broker transactions among 39 Primary Dealers as designated by the Federal Reserve.
*Money Magazine Online
*Money Manager Performance Data
*Moore's Database of Financial Criminals
Michael Moore works for a criminal investigation firm and has compiled a database of 27,000 persons accused, convicted or suspected of committing financially-related crimes, organized crime etc.
*Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley provides MSCI international stock price data, among other things.
*The Motley Fool
The Fool exists to inform, educate, and amuse the individual investor; to prove that the best person to manage your money is YOU; to propose that key to investment success is doing one's homework; and to show that "homework" can be fun.
*Mutual Funds Central
A one-stop resource featuring some of the best mutual fund sites on the internet.
*Mutual Funds Interactive
*Mutual Fund Magazine Database of Fund Performance
Tabulate and chart the performance of most mutual funds, or screen funds by expense ratios, type and performance. You can even locate a page for your own funds and create a permanent bookmark to see how it's doing (so you know how much to spend at the Mall this week).


*National Bureau of Economic Research
The NBER is home to the best historical financial/commodities data in the world. If you need corn prices from the 1930s or German stock prices from the 1800s, look no further.
List of public companies who post their financials on the web
*NETworth by Quicken
*New York Stock Exchange
*Nikko Securities
Reports monthly Japanese indices including:

  1. Nikko Stock Performance Index
  2. Nikko Bond Performance Index
  3. Nikko Convertible Bond Performance Index
  4. Nikko Japan Mix Index ( J-Mix )