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*Advanced Portfolio Technologies
Produces risk-models based on the Arbitrage Pricing Theory, and have a similar range of products to Barra.
A new web site that offers information on hedge funds and alternative investment strategies.
*Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP
This is an accounting and consulting firm that represents several financial firms. ABA's Website includes a quarterly newsletter covering financial issues, as well as job listings for CPAs and financial consultants seeking employment serving the financial industry.
*Annual Report Gallery
A great place for a complete listing of Annual Reports published on the internet. Save time and paper by gathering financial information online. They have links containing complete, page by page review of Annual Reports from around the world. Many Viewing Pages have hot links directly to Company Home Pages. A search engine is provided to find listings on specific categories, geography and text.
*ABS - Atlantic Broadcasting System
Live Ccommentary on the U.S. stock market using RealAudio Ttechnology.
*Australian Stock Market and Historical Data Page
Ron Gully from down under offers help for beginning investors interested in Australia, historical data, charting data and information on Penny stocks in Australia.
*Australian Graduate School of Management Annual Report Database
The Annual Report File is a large collection of annual reports of Australian and New Zealand Companies. The File includes the reports of the top 500 Australian listed companies and the top 70 New Zealand companies. Companies are selected by market capitalization.


*BAC Marketing Equities Research Page
Features a Market Scorecard, Tech 100 Daily Stock Report Support, Wall Street Consensus Monitor Support, Fundamentals Workshop and much more.
*Bank Rate Monitor
BARRA provides innovative analytical models, data, software and services that enable clients worldwide to make superior investment and trading decisions. Home of the BARRA Growth Index, the BARRA Value Index for S&P 500 and S&P Midcap firms, similar indices for Canadian firms, Dow Jones betas, and emerging market volatility rankings. Also, look into the Barra On-Campus Program.
*BLT Financial Group
BLT Financial Group is a guaranteed Introducing Broker for the LIT Division of First Options of Chicago, one of the countries largest commodity futures and option clearing firms. BLT offers services to both the experienced and novice traders. They provide their clients with a live quote/order desk. All market orders are placed directly to the floors of all major exchanges and flash fills are available in most markets.
*Boardroom Insider
A monthly online newsletter for better corporate directors
*Bond Basics
A fee based service that provides daily analysis to fixed-income institutional investors.
*Bondtrac Financial Information
Bondtrac provides an information service of thousands of current fixed-income security offerings from over 700 broker dealers nationwide. We charge for full access to the information, but free limited access is available to the municipal, corporate, and goverment agency bond offerings.
*Bos' Economic Forecast for 1997
Also check out an impresssive set of bookmarks pointing to countless data sources.
*Brain Wave
Lots of databases here including TRW credit profiles, Commerce Business Daily and international trade data. You must register and pay to use databases.
*Bridge Information Systems
Bridge is a leading provider of equity information. Very popular with students here at Ohio State.
*Briefing by Charter Media
Delivers live analysis of events in the stock, bond, and currency markets. Economic and political commentary, and market quotes provided. Briefing will keep you current with the markets and provide economic forecasting for the look ahead. Fee-based service.
* Buttonwood Financial Resources


*CCN NewsNet
Canadian Corporate News proudly handles the information distribution requirements for thousands of Canadian organizations whether they're public companies, government agencies, trade associations or unions... They provide custom dissemination to the financial institutions and media locations most suited to their requirements and provide raw news releases to Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and other similar operations.
Providing up to date rates on a variety of financial products in Canada, Australia and the United States.
*Census Department (US)
The census has a variety of demographic data.
*Central Statistical Office (UK)
Offers a wide variety of financial time series for the United Kingdom at a cost including acquisitions, corporate liquidity, financial statistics, institutional investment, dividends and interest payments and pensions & insurance.
*Chicago Board of Trade
One of the most active markets in the world in commodities and financial derivatives. The CBOT is great fun to watch in the visitors gallery. And beneath the mayhem you will find that the market is generating valuable price information that you can track at this web site. You will find charts and technical research (via MarketPlex), recent crop reports (in RealAudio format) and Market price data and commentary. You can also phone in to track a market that interests you.
*Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Offers intraday currency quotes, prices of all CME futures and options and educational programs.
*CISCO - Futures research and data
Tick data on a variety of contracts. Much of it is free of charge.
Citibase is one the best sources for macroeconomic data available. Provided by FAME Information Services - a subsidiary of CITICORP.
*Cliometric Society
Allows you to locate and download a variety of historical economic data.
*Commodity Resource Corp.
Commodity Resource Corp. is a full service commodity, futures and options brokerage and trading firm.
Market Closing Prices for Oil, Metals, U.S. Dollar and Treasury Market. Information is free and timely. Very Popular with investors and banker types.
Free information system dedicated to commodity traders, options traders and stock investors.
*CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices)
You can also download the CRSP documentation in Acrobat format, get Don Cram's advice for getting CRSP data with SAS, and look up CUSIPs from Kevin Harper's UW Research Connection. Steve Sun at Chicago, is a CRSP consultant with a web page.
*Currency Management, Inc.
Trades currencies as an asset class and manages currency risk for clients with global portfolios.
*CU Time Series Repository
Find time info on time series methods and data including currency exchange rates (daily 1973-87 and some tick data), sunspots yearly and NYSE daily return and volume (62-92).


*Daily Stocks
*Daiwa's Information Bank
The Daiwa Securities Group now provides a new Worldwide Web page to summarize first-half financial reports of listed and OTC Japanese companies. This new service will summarize midterm financial reports on the day following their release. It will also provide updated company forecasts of fiscal-year results.
*Data and Program Library Services at Wisconsin Holdings of Economic and Financial Data
Some wierd stuff here.
*Datastream International
Datastream provides more than 720 million items of data, some updated daily, and much of it offering 20 years history or more. Included are: equity securities and indices; U.S. and international bonds and warrants; international economic series and indices, interest and foreign exchange rates, and macroeconomic data; corporate accounts, with ratios and balance sheets; derivatives, including options, futures, and swaps.
*DataMerge Financing Resources for Entrepreneurs
* Deloitte & Touche Peerscape
Delivers extensive industry and company research electronically in Adobes PDF format. Powerful search tools too.
*Deutsche Bank List of the Prices of 60 German Stocks
*Dow Jones Business Directory
Offers ratings and reviews to hundreds of financial websites, saving you the time of checking each yourself. Dow Jones Offers Money and Investing Update from the Wall Street Journal with current commentary and data on most major markets.
*Dun & Bradstreet
The SEC has recently breathed new life into this source of corporate financial report data. Find the complete 10Ks, 14Ds, S3s, 8Ks etc. of most public companies in the US over the last few years.


*Edgar Online.Com from Cybernet Data Systems
A commercial services which provides you with a list of today's SEC Edgar filings and free copies of the most recent documents to enter the Edgar database. Can notify you of filings within minutes if they are on your watch list. A nice value-added service (some parts have a charge).
E-Investor offers fast, free and easy access to a growing database of over 1800 financial web sites. Please explore their financial bulletin boards and chat rooms. E-Investor offers delayed quotes, news and the ability to execute trades right from the site. Users can rate the sites in a database with a 1-10 peer ranking, increasing efficiency and accuracy of conducting research.
*E-Line Financials
E-Line Financials provides single-point access to a variety of financial and investment information available over the Internet. Their search engine allows users to quickly and easily review information on any one of the 10,000 publicly traded companies in the database. From a single company page, users can access such information as stock quotes, financial reports, home page links, SEC filings and news releases. The service is offered free of charge.
*ESPIN Stock Charts
Daily free service - Technical analysis charts of U.S. and international stock market indices.
*ESRC Data Archive
Offers Quarterly Banking Profile, Survey of Real Estate Trends, Statistics on Banking and Assets for Sale.
*Eurotrader Strategies
Requires Adobe Acrobat to read the reports.


*Federal Filings Business News
This site offers real time news and information resources for professional investors published by Federal Filings, Inc.
*Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Woodrow, the Web site of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, compiles economic and banking information pertinent to the Ninth Federal Reserve District and the nation. Woodrow was developed to provide access to work produced by the Minneapolis Fed and the entire Federal Reserve System, in a format that provides complete texts of speeches, articles, reports and other research.
*Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Find rates on commercial paper, foreign exchange, buying rates, quote sheet and selected interest rates.
*Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Good web site has Livingston Survey of Economists, Survey of Professional Forecasters, Beige Book and Business Review.
*Data Used in Research Papers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
*Finance Online
*Financial Post
Has information on changes on major Canadian exchanges.
*Financial Technologies International
FTI develops, markets and services application software products that support the global financial marketplace.
*Financial Times
Check the price of some 3000 equities traded in London and the daily valuation of UK unit trusts and funds. While you're at it, how about World Stock Index Levels.
Singapore market report.
You can download free historical equity data in the form DATE - OPEN - HIGH - LOW - CLOSE - VOLUME - OPEN INTEREST every day. Data available for major worldwide equity indices.
*Fortune Magazine Online
Check out the online version of Fortune.
*Futures Guide
A Futures and Options E-Zine, EOD Quotes and Market Update.
*Futures Price Data
Whatever you need. It's all there. It's current too. Thank Mr. Potts.


*GBQ/Nesser Consulting Group
Check out their Research Starting Point which is meant to be a "jumping off point" for business, legal and other researchers who wish to use the power of the internet to facilitate their efforts.
*Global Financial Data
Offering extensive free historical data and research as well as information on our extensive historical database which includes data on stock markets, inflation rates, interest rates and exchange rates going back to the 1600s.
*Growth Stock Gazette
A bi-monthly newsletter that identifies fast-growth stocks and other high earnings potential.