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The Leadership Legacy: Building Talent for Organizational Success

From unpredictable market trends to stagnant growth and low employee morale, the events of recent years are changing the way managers approach their role as effective leaders. Many industries now face a potentially fragile future.

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Leadership Legacy, part of the Fisher College of Business Executive Education Program, provides a uniquely individualized leadership training program that can be aligned with an organization’s strategic development goals and budget.  Throughout the program, professionals will examine their values, their organizations, and their life in uences that drive them. Attendees will graduate with a conceptual framework for setting strategy and making decisions using key leadership behaviors.

This course takes a close look at the common traits and practices that effective leaders use to make good organizations even better. It is a commanding approach to developing leaders who are inspired and driven toward relevant goals aligned with their personal and organizational missions.




The class meets for three sessions, each begins with an afternoon half-day session, a full-day the second day and then a half day in the morning of the third day. This model allows participants a learning format that includes interim periods to apply content, complete assignments and reflect on the learning.

TBA Early 2014


Fisher College of Business, Pfahl Hall


Additional program services and consulting are available for separate fees. Contact Executive Education for more information.
Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch and course materials.

The Coursework is Just The Beginning

After the classroom sessions have been completed, we can help you continue to develop your Leadership Legacy by offering coaching and consulting services. We want to support you in applying your new knowledge, and help you keep the momentum from the course as you move forward in achieving your innovation goals.

Fees for these additional services are based on the number of employees involved in the process, as well as the depth and duration of the engagement.

Project Coaching

Instructors from the course as well as from other areas of the college will be available to coach participants regarding the further development of their project. Individual project coaches are selected based on their specific project and industry needs.

Organizational Development Consulting

Our expect instructors are available to consult with your project team as well as senior management regarding organizational development and the successful integration and growth of your leadership efforts.

Designed for teams of individuals who are part of a succession planning program or who have been identi ed as high potential leaders, Leadership Legacy can serve as the foundation for a customized, comprehensive leadership development program. Additional classes, coaching, assessments and simulations can be added to address an organization’s speci c strategic needs.

In mid-size companies the program is designed for direct reports to the C-level executives. For larger companies, business unit leaders are targeted as well as one level below the BU senior team. The specific nature of the program is to have teams of individuals, whether they are geared to work together as a unit or come together specifically for this program.  




Michael Bills- Marketing Executive in Residence
Jay Dial- Clinical Assoc. Professor, Management and Human Resources
Larry Inks- Clinical Assoc. Professor, Management and Human Resources
Roy Lewicki- Irving Abramowitz Memorial Professor Emeritus of Business Ethics
Anil Makhija- Sr. Assoc. Dean, Professor of Finance
Tony Rucci
- Clinical Professor of Management and Human Resources
Jeff Rodek- Sr. Lecturer, Management and Human Resources


The Core and Extended Program
Participants completing the core program leave with conceptual frameworks to set strategy and make decisions with heightened understanding of leadership behaviors. The core features ten content sessions focused on the common denominators of effective leaders.

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Build Your Leadership Development Program
Although participating teams and individuals will learn a great deal about being an effective leader, if you are at a company and would like to send a team, you can also work with our staff to further develop a custom leadership program by including additional courses that may address your strategic needs. Performance and project coaching are another resource offered by Fisher.  If you are interested, contact Michelle Norris at 614.292.8574.

Continuing Education Credits:

4.8 CEU (Continuing Education Units)

Program Participants Will Learn

  • Incorporate best practices and methodologies for leading organizational success
  • Design strategies that inspire and build positive morale
  • Work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team
  • Draw upon both left- and right-brain skills
  • Combine logical thinking and intuition for a more rigorous approach
  • Think differently and view opportunities from different perspectives

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Michelle Norris
Program Manager
Phone: 614.292.8574
Fax: 614.292.6644 
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