Successful leaders acknowledge that employees are an organization’s biggest asset, demand excellence and always lead by example. The right form of leadership can transform a struggling team into one whose members finally believe that their work has meaning. This belief should be core of a leader’s framework. I have asked myself, what is the driving force behind obtaining an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) degree? The answer was simple; time has passed where management who lack leadership skills and technical knowledge are deemed to be acceptable in the corporate environment.

The idea of establishing an organization into a well defined valuable and technical company, while maintaining employee longevity, is a goal we should all possess. Most companies fail not because of a lack of vision but rather from the failure in organizational leadership. As a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) professional in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have seen numerous organizations employ managers with technical expertise, who fall short of business knowledge, leadership and interpersonal skills and neglect ethical standards. As a result, business fundamentals are lost due to the belief that technical skills take precedence.

Business schools are not created equal in terms of curriculum and faculty. After comparing The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business EMBA program to other national accredited programs, I realized how valuable the Fisher EMBA program was. According to BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal, the Fisher EMBA ranked 15th among the best business schools worldwide and 3rd on return on investment, respectively. In addition, the Fisher EMBA faculty encompasses unprecedented knowledge, which results in more relevant course content and a greater learning opportunity. Further, the curriculum is structured on the framework of business, leadership and the global economy.

As a CPA, I have been able to develop the necessary technical skills; however, I believe that one’s mindset should span across multiple disciplines in order to be an effective leader. Therefore, the Fisher EMBA program was best suited for me.