In Their Words

Check out what some of our students had to say about Fisher’s EMBA program.

Ami Sclar"I came to Fisher’s EMBA program expecting to expand my knowledge of the business world in a functional sense. Since I’ve been in the program, I have experienced just that, as well as an immense amount of personal growth. Through the collective experience of the accomplished faculty and students, my mind has been opened to new industries, ideas and opportunities. I am forming friendships that I’m certain will continue to inspire me both personally and professionally throughout my career. I leave each on campus session inspired to learn even more, and am always looking forward to the next session."

Ami Dewille
Executive MBA Class of 2011

Senior Project/Category Manager
Duck Tape at Shur Tech Brands, LLC

Tim "The greatest impact of the Fisher EMBA program is the immediate applicability of new skills. Lessons learned during on campus sessions are applied the following Monday at work. The program empowers students to learn from professors, peers, and through self study. I've benefitted by developing an understanding of why decisions are made in my company, our position in the global market place, and the challenges facing our industry as a whole."

Tim Seitz
Executive MBA Class of 2011

Assistant Brewmaster
Anheuser-Busch InBev

Jason"I chose the Fisher EMBA program because of its strong reputation, not only nationally but also amongst friends and colleagues who successfully completed the program. The first-class faculty, diverse group of peers and relevant material made the classes instantly applicable to my day-to-day work experiences. This coupled with “real world” studies’ including an overseas class trip to China gave me tremendous insight and provided me with the necessary tools to thrive in any business environment. The Fisher EMBA experience is challenging, but the friendships formed during the program provide an invaluable support network for successfully completing the program."

Jason Mattern
Executive MBA Class of 2011

Director of Sales
MTD Products, Inc.

Eloise“I selected the Fisher Executive MBA Program because of its rigorous curriculum and emphasis on sound business principles. The experiences and knowledge that I’ve acquired through the class discussions and case analysis has truly given me a broader perspective of the Business drivers that influence organizations, and has further developed my strategic thinking skills and business judgment/acumen. The program has been challenging, and you have to effectively balance work, life, and school. But, I would not change my decision to pursue my MBA at The Ohio State University. The Fisher EMBA Program has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career.”

Eloise L. Finnell
Operations Project Manager
Roche Diagnostics

Pankaj“The Fisher EMBA program has helped me connect many dots in my professional experience. Because of my course work, I now understand the strategic business, finance or marketing theories behind decisions that I made in the past by sheer logic. I will continue to use this knowledge to analyze and justify future professional decisions. Also, the diverse and practical experiences that I gathered from my teammates are in themselves life-changing.”

Pankaj Shah
Executive MBA Class of 2011

Executive Director

Jason“For clinicians in the healthcare industry, business knowledge and strategy are becoming crucial to compete successfully and provide our patients with the best care. This has led me to pursue my MBA at The Fisher College of Business. The flexibility of Fisher’s EMBA Program has far exceeded my expectations in the betterment of my business acumen and leadership development while maintaining my career. The faculty have provided us with a wealth of tools, skills and insight that aid in predicting future trends and challenges. This coupled with the advantage of working in multidisciplinary teams builds a vast network of classmates in which to draw experiential knowledge to develop innovative solutions."

Jason Walsh
Executive MBA Class of 2011

Nurse Manager of Emergency Services