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Frequently Asked Questions

Bullet Who applies to the EMBA program?

Applicants are typically organizational leaders with at least 7 years of significant managerial experience, who view the MBA degree as a way to hone skills in cross-functional problem solving, strategic planning, integration, global thinking, teamwork and leadership. Applicants come from a diverse set of industries, functional areas and parts of the world.

Bullet What factors are considered in the EMBA admission decision?

The admissions committee takes a comprehensive approach in evaluating applications. We consider the application package in its entirety and we evaluate managerial experience, undergraduate and graduate academic performance, letters of recommendations, applicant’s statement of purpose, and evidence of quantitative experience.

Please review the admissions criteria for a complete outline of the supporting documentation required when submitting an application.

Bullet Do I need a GMAT?

Applicants whose cumulative GPA on all for-credit college courses falls below 3.0 are required to submit a GMAT score. For additional information please contact Mara Mckee.

Bullet What are the admission deadlines and application fees?

Now accepting applications for the Class of 2016 beginning in December 2014.  Once accepted to the program, a $2,500 deposit towards your tuition is required and is non-refundable after December 1.

Bullet What happens after I have submitted my application?

The admissions committee takes a comprehensive approach in evaluating applications, considering the application package in its entirety.  Upon receipt of a complete application, eligible candidates will be contacted by the program for a required on-campus interview.  Applicants should be prepared to review managerial experience, academic background and discuss program requirements.  Applicants should also be prepared to describe projects they have handled that demonstrate management skills. 

Bullet How long before I'm contacted for an interview?

Once we have received your completed application and supporting documentation you can expect to be contacted within 7-10 days to be scheduled for an interview.

During your interview you will meet with at least 2 members of the EMBA Admissions Committee. You should be prepared to discuss your academic preparation for the program; particularly in the quantitative and accounting areas. In addition, be prepared to discuss projects that you have handled that demonstrate your management skills. The committee will be interested in learning how the EMBA program fits into your long-term managerial aspirations and in what special skills or experiences you can bring to class that will enrich the class discussions.

Bullet How will I know if I'm accepted into the program?

You will receive two letters from The Ohio State University: A letter recommending your admittance from Fisher College of Business Office of Executive Education. A second letter from The Ohio State University’s Graduate Admissions Office will follow notifying you that your admission has been judged official at the university level. At this time you may also be notified of any additional transcripts that are required.

Students are required to provide a $2,500 deposit within 2 weeks of acceptance to the program to The Fisher College of Business, Office of Executive Education. The deposit will be held as confirmation of your intention to attend and will be applied towards your tuition. Deposits are refundable up until the Saturday before orientation begins.

Bullet How many students are accepted into the class?

Entering classes have ranged in size from 42 to 55 students. Students have been accepted from a variety of industries, educational backgrounds, job positions and areas of the world. We strive to create a diverse class where students can learn from each other.

Bullet Is this the same degree as the daytime MBA program?

Ohio State only awards one MBA degree. All MBA candidates earn the same MBA degree, regardless of the program track they are registered in.

Bullet How much time should I be prepared to spend on studies (outside of class time)?

This varies, but we hear from our students that they dedicate anywhere from 20-25 hours per week outside of class time on studies/preparation.

Bullet Is it possible to visit a class in-session?

Yes. We encourage prospective students sit in on a class session. Our information sessions generally coincide with on-campus class sessions so it might be worthwhile to dedicate a morning to an information session and then sit in on an afternoon to a class session.  An information session schedule can be found under the ‘information session’ section. If these dates don’t work for you, please contact us for other dates.

Bullet Is the Global experience/study trip abroad required?

Yes this is an integral part of the program and it is a required component of the program. The cost of the international trip is not included in the program fees.

Bullet Are students enrolling in the EMBA-Energy program required to take the international trip?

Yes, students in the EMBA-Energy program will participate in a field study trip and the International Business core trip.

* Field study trip cost included.

* Cost of International Business trip not included.

Bullet If I enroll in the EMBA-Energy program do I take the elective courses?

NO, students in the EMBA-Energy program are required to take the Energy Specialization Courses.

Bullet When do I make the election to enroll in the EMBA-Energy program?

You will be asked to declare your intent to enroll in the EMBA-Energy program when you complete your application and in your admission essay.

Bullet Who decides where and when the group travels?

This is an academic decision that is decided by the faculty teaching the International business course and program administrators. Students are notified of specific dates for travel early in the program.