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EMBA-Energy Specialization Courses

Students who elect to enroll in EMBA–Energy are required to take the following energy courses and Field Study Trip in addition to the EMBA Core Courses. Successful completion of the Energy Specialization Courses earns students a Certificate of Specialization in Energy in addition to their MBA degree. 

  • Introduction to Energy
  • The Business of Upstream Technologies
  • The Business of Mid and Downstream Technologies
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Economics of Energy
  • Global Energy Policy
  • Field Study Trip

The EMBA–Energy program is designed to provide you with a broad overview of the energy supply chain across sectors including oil and gas as well as power generation and renewable energy. This comprehensive and integrative program examines today’s issues from every angle to give a total business perspective. You will be taught sound business principles that can be applied to the energy industry and be provided with a wealth of tools, skills and insights that aid in predicting future trends and challenges in the world’s largest industry.