Because your business challenges are never one-dimensional, the Fisher EMBA curriculum is designed to teach you, not only the fundamentals of sound business practice, but also how to think strategically and globally.

Building on a rigorous foundation of courses covering all major areas of business, the program integrates the fundamentals into a succession of courses that are issue-oriented and customized around the interests of your class. Over the course of the program you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive business perspective on current business management issues through team-taught, interdisciplinary courses.
  • Learn to think broadly and strategically about your firm through a rigorous study of the fundamentals of business.
  • Work on projects that directly relate to your current business problems.
  • Participate in a global integration course with a required international experience.


In Their Words

“Earning an EMBA at Fisher is an investment that will pay both personal and professional “dividends” the rest of your life. As the Academic Director and an Elective Faculty Member, it is a pleasure working with our EMBA students. Class discussions consistently center on real world business issues, with solutions derived from the professional experiences of our students and the expertise of our world class faculty. A common theme surrounding the program can be summed up in the words “You don’t just enter an academic program here… you become part of a family..”

     Daniel D. Oglevee
     Senior Lecturer, Finance