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Information Technology Services
Name Phone Email Address
Milacek, Joe L. 614-247-0022
Brown, Nick 614-292-9754
Carraway, Douglas C. 614-292-1694
Cordiano, Christiana E. 614-247-6946
Evans, Kyle B. 614-247-6700
Hambley, Patti 614-292-9823
Jolliffe, Jeffrey N. 614-292-1318
Krishnasamy, Krish 614-292-7233
Lavender, Rachel L. 614-688-5766
Mazza, Connor 614-247-6088
Scurlock, Herman C. 614-292-2823
Sharp, Carol F. 614-688-3965
Spears, Randall J. 614-688-8468
Walker, Rob 614-247-5477
White, Alexander A.
Wilson, Brian D. 614-292-9739