2009 Research

Greg Allenby

Liu, Qing, Angela Dean, David Bakken and Greg M. Allenby (2009) "Studying the Level-Effect in Conjoint Analysis: An Application of Efficient Experimental Designs for Hyper-parameter Estimation," Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 7, 1, 69-93.

Jen, Lichung, Chien-Heng Chou and Greg M. Allenby (2009) "The Importance of Modeling Temporal Dependence of Timing and Quantity in Direct Marketing," Journal of Marketing Research, 46, 4, 482-493.

Rebecca Walker Naylor (Reczek)

Naylor, Rebecca Walker, Courtney M. Droms, and Kelly L. Haws (2009), "Eating with a Purpose: Consumer Response to Functional Food Health Claims," forthcoming at the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Bharadwaj, Neeraj, Rebecca Walker Naylor, and Frenkel ter Hofstede (2009), "Consumer Response to and Choice of Integrated and Customized Offerings," International Journal of Research in Marketing (September), 216-227.

Xiaoyan Deng

Deng, Xiaoyan and Barbara E. Kahn (2009), "Is Your Product on the Right Side? The 'Location Effect' on Perceived Product Heaviness and Package Evaluation," Journal of Marketing Research, 46(6). This paper was also featured in the popular press (New York Times) and broadcast television (PBS).

Kahn, Barbara and Xiaoyan Deng (2009), "Effects on Visual Weight Perceptions of Product Image Locations on Packaging," in Sensory Marketing, ed., Aradhna Krishna, New York: LEA/Psychology Press.

Walter Zinn, Keely Croxton

Wang, Ping, Walter Zinn and Keely Croxton, "Sizing Inventory when Lead Time and Demand are Correlated," Production and Operations Management, forthcoming. The paper is tentatively scheduled to appear in the fifth issue of 2010 (vol. 19, nos. 5).

Bernard J. La Londe, James L. Ginter

"2009 Survey of Career Patterns in Logistics," Bernard J. La Londe and James L. Ginter, presented at CSCMP Annual Conference, September 21, 2009, Chicago.

Douglas M. Lambert, A. Michael Knemeyer

Douglas M. Lambert, A. Michael Knemeyer and John T. Gardner, Book titled Building High Performance Business Relationships. Supply Chain Management Institute, Sarasota, Florida, 2010, pp. 256.