Typical Progress through the Degree Program

Year 1:

  • Course work in the marketing department and other departments across the university, such as psychology or statistics
  • Key milestone: Select your advisor by the end of the academic school year
  • Key milestone: Submit your program of study for approval by the faculty by the end of the academic school year
    Summer 1:
    • Start working on your second year paper

Year 2:

  • Continue your course work
  • Key milestone: Submit a draft of your second year paper by the end of June
    Summer 2:
    • Key milestone: Present your second year paper to the faculty on or before the first Friday of the new school year

Year 3:

  • Course work complete; Prepare for your comps and start working on your dissertation research
  • Key milestone: Take your comprehensive exam (typically by December)
  • Key milestone: After passing your exam, form your dissertation committee

 Year 4 (Optional Year 5):

  • Key milestone: Defend your dissertation proposal before going on the academic job market 
  • Key milestones: Final oral defense of your dissertation and graduation