Marketing PhD Alumni

Recent Marketing PhD Alumni

Name Graduation Year Current Appointment Expertise
Tatiana Dyachenko 2014 Georgetown University Modeling
John Howell 2013 Pennsylvania State University Modeling
Karthik Easwar 2013 Georgetown University Consumer Behvior
Sang Lee 2012 University of Iowa  Modeling
Lifeng Yang 2011 University of Mississippi Consumer Behvior
Jeff Dotson  2009  Brigham Young University  Modeling
Sandeep Chandukala 2008 Indiana University Modeling
Nicole Montgomery  2007  University of Virginia  Consumer Behvior


Selected Notable Marketing PhD Alumni

Sha Yang, 2000

Professor of Marketing Marshall School of Business University of Southern California

“I had little exposure to marketing before joining the PhD program at Ohio State. My research collaboration with Greg Allenby taught me how to do research, and sparked my interest and passion in this field."


Neeraj Arora, 1995

John P. Morgridge Chair in Business Administration University of Wisconsin-Madison

“They say teachers change lives. In my case they did. I am thankful that I got to learn from the best minds in the field of marketing, economics, psychology and statistics. Ohio State truly shaped who I am today.”


Rohini Ahluwalia, 1996

Curtis L. Carlson Trust Professor of Marketing Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota

“I treasure my years as a doctoral student at Ohio State. Not only was I introduced to research, but was also inspired by it, and developed a true love for it. My outstanding mentors at Ohio State helped me grow as a researcher as well as a person.”


Brian Sternthal, 1972

Kraft Foods Chair in Marketing & Chair of Marketing Dept. Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

“My Ohio State doctoral training encouraged me to think theoretically, to adopt a critical attitude toward theory and data, and to treat doctoral students as collaborators. These notions have been foundational in the pursuit of my career.”