Marketing and Logistics Master Programs

The Department of Marketing and Logistics offers two majors in the MBA Program – one in Marketing Management, and a joint Operations and Logistics Management major.

Fisher is also one of only a few top universities to offer a Master of Business Logistics Engineering

For more detailed information about each program, future students may refer to the faculty contacts listed below or to the following sites for future students:


MBA Programs

Fisher offers a variety of Marketing and Logistics focuses for Master of Business Administration students. Please visit the Full Time MBA future students site or the Working Professional MBA future students site for additional information about these programs.

Marketing Management Major

Graduates in marketing management have recently been hired by P&G (Brand Manager), Kimberly Clark (Marketing Assistant), SC Johnson (Assistant Product Manager), Nestle (Marketing Associate), Eli Lilly (Marketing Associate), Hewlett-Packard (Sales/Marketing Developer), General Mills (Associate Marketing Manager), and 3M (Corporate Strategic Marketing). Other opportunities include marketing research, sales management, and a variety of challenging careers in retailing.

Students majoring in marketing management will have to complete three base courses and a total of eight credits of selective courses. The base courses are not prerequisites for the selective courses.

Base courses
  • M&L 7201 - Marketing Research and Analytics
  • M&L 7202 - Consumer Behavior
Brand Management track
  • M&L 7203.02 - Advertising, Promotion and Digital Marketing I
  • M&L 7206 - Brand Management
  • M&L 7208 - Advertising, Promotion and Digital Marketing II
  • M&L 7218.01 - New Product Development
Marketing Communications track
  • M&L 7203 - Advertising, Promotion and Digital Marketing I
  • M&L 7208 - Advertising, Promotion and Digital Marketing II
  • M&L 7210 - Promotions Management
  • M&L 7211 - Consumer Psychology
  • M&L 7212 - Business Development: Customer Acq. and Retention
  • M&L 7214 - Cross Channel Marketing
  • M&L 7200 - Marketing Strategy (Capstone)
  • M&L 7204.02 - Customer Management, Pricing and Analytics II
  • M&L 7205 - Services Marketing
  • M&L 7207 - Pricing Strategy
  • M&L 7209 - Strategic Sales Force Management
  • M&L 7215 -  Global Marketing and Sustainability
  • M&L 7217 - Marketing Projects (Capstone, 3.0 credit hours)
  • M&L 7219 - Customer Management, Pricing and Analytics I
  • M&L 7225- Marketing Metrics 
  • M&L 7226 Marketing Simulation


Faculty Contact: Marketing Major
Prof. Shashi Matta
554 Fisher Hall
(614) 292-2901


Operations and Logistics Management Major

The Fisher MBA program offers a joint Operations and Logistics Management (OLM) concentration. This program is widely recognized as one of the best in the United States. Our OLM students are nationally recruited by Fortune 500 firms; recent graduates are now pursuing careers at The Scotts Company as an Inventory Analyst, Copeland Corporation as a Flow Manager, Lexmark International in their Logistics Leadership Program, Solectron as a Business Intelligence Implementation Manager, Owens Corning in their Leadership Development Program, and scores of other progressive firms.

By studying from a combined operations/logistics perspective, students learn how the total flow of all goods within and between firms can be effectively and efficiently managed. This integrated focus mirrors the approach that successful firms use to manage their businesses.

Students pursuing an OLM major take the base course Marketing 880, and then select either Management Science 835 or Marketing 881 as their second base course, depending on whether an operations or logistics focus is preferred.Students then choose any three of the selectives listed below for a total of five courses. The base courses are required for the major, but are not prerequisites for the selective courses.

Base courses (for all tracks)
  • M&L 7380 - Strategic Logistics Management
  • M&L 7383 - Supply Chain Management
Logistics track
  • M&L 7381 - Logistics Decision Making
  • M&L 7386 - Logistics Technology and Application
  • ISE 5430 - Warehouse and Facility Design
Operations track
  • MGT 7231 - Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Mgt.
  • MGT 7232 - Supply Chain Analytics: Matching Supply with Demand
  • MGT 7233 - Global Sourcing I: Organizing for Effective Global Sourcing
  • MGT 7234 - Global Sourcing II: Managing for Effective Global Sourcing
  • MGT 7241 - Lean Enterprise Leadership
  • MGT 7242 - Six Sigma Principles I
  • MGT 7243 - Six Sigma Principles II
  • MGT 7244 - Six Sigma Projects (3.0 credit hours)
  • MGT 7253 - Sustainable Operations
  • MGT 7254 - Introduction to the Global Energy Industry
Supply Chain track
  • MGT 7232 - Supply Chain Analytics: Matching Supply with Demand
  • M&L 7381 - Logistics Decision Making
  • M&L 7384 - Supply Chain Tools
  • MGT 7201 - Service and Healthcare Operations
  • MGT 7202 - The Business of Healthcare
  • MGT 7221 - Introduction to Decision Making
  • MGT 7222 - Simulation, Risk Analysis, and Decision Making
  • MGT 7223 - Project Management I: Senior Manager Issues
  • MGT 7224 - Project Management II: Project Manager Issues


Faculty Contact: Operations and Logistics Major
Professor Walter Zinn
500 Fisher Hall
(614) 292-0797


Master of Business Logistics Engineering

One of only a few similar programs at top universities in the country, the MBLE is designed to enable graduates to enter the job market equally comfortable with logistics strategy, the management of logistics operations, and engineering tasks such as facility design and implementation of logistics technology.

Purposely keeping the program size small and selective, we recruit the finest students and attract some of the most sought-after career opportunities in the country.

MBLE Course Work

The MBLE is a 45-credit-hour program. It includes courses in logistics and supply chain management, warehouse design, logistics technology, mathematical programming and computer simulation. Students taking 16 credits per quarter may complete the program in 9 months, while students taking 12 credits per quarter will complete the program in 15 months.

Form more information about Fisher's Master of Business Logistics Engineering program, please visit the MBLE future students site.