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Operations Management PhD

Doctoral Program in Operations Management

The PhD. programs of the Max M. Fisher College of Business, at The Ohio State University (OSU), like their undergraduate and masters counterparts, are among the most highly ranked programs in the nation. The high quality of the nationally and internationally recognized faculty and research programs establishes an environment for training PhD. students to develop new knowledge and disseminate it to the academic community and into business practice. The Fisher College is endowed with a faculty whose scholarly performance enables its programs to be consistently ranked among the leading national research institutions.

The excellent quality of the Fisher College academic program is indicated by the recent rankings of the Fisher College faculty and academic programs. The Operations Management faculty is ranked 6th in terms of research in the U.S. by the Academy of Management Journal (December, 2000). They are also consistently ranked in the top ten Operations Management faculties in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The Ohio State University MBA program is ranked 21st in the nation by U.S. News and World Report (America's Best Graduate Schools", April, 2011). The Ohio State University Undergraduate program is ranked 14th in the nation by U.S. News and World Report (2011).

Equally important is its commitment to teaching as exemplified by a specially designed "learning to teach" course for Fisher College PhD. students. Opportunities to practice and enhance teaching are provided through teaching assistantships that offer students a chance to work as assistants to faculty members and, as skills are gained, greater course responsibility. The strong emphasis on teaching has resulted in numerous university and national teaching awards to both our faculty and our doctoral students.

Excellent PhD. programs require a large cluster of top research faculty from multiple disciplines to provide a breadth of knowledge. Faculty should be nationally recognized for teaching and scholarship. Faculty must be committed to teaching and effectiveness. Supporting disciplines on campus also must be strong; the overall reputation of the degree granting institution is important. A large infrastructure in terms of facilities is needed. Teaching and research resources must be substantial. Students need access to research opportunities grounded in business applications. Finally it is essential that students find jobs in their fields upon graduation and continue their contributions to the field.

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business offers you excellent PhD. Programs in Business Strategy, Finance, Industrial Relations, Insurance and Risk, International Business, Logistics, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Production and Operations Management, and Real Estate. For more information on The Fisher College, our programs, faculty, and students, you can reference the World Wide Web at:

The general rules and regulations governing the PhD. Program in Business Administration with Operations Management as a specialization (hereinafter referred to as the Operations Management PhD. Program) are stated in The Ohio State University Graduate School Handbook and the College of Business' PhD. Program in Business Administration Handbook. The "Policies and Procedures" for the Operations Management PhD. Program describes specific policies and procedures applicable to doctoral students and the doctoral program in Operations Management.