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William L. Berry

Research and Publications

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Professor Berry's areas of expertise are:

  • manufacturing strategy
  • manufacturing planning and control systems

Working Papers

"Buffering Against Uncertainty in Material Requirements Planning Systems," W. L. Berry and D. C. Whybark, Discussion Paper #82, Graduate School of Business, Indiana University, June, 1977.

"Material Requirements Planning System Performance: The Impact of Changes in Planned Lead Times and Production Lot Sizes," W. L. Berry, Discussion Paper #104, Graduate School of Business, Indiana University, April, 1978.

"The Manufacturing Control System Audit ? A Key to Improving Productivity," T. E. Vollmann and W. L. Berry, August, 1981.

"Material Requirements Planning Performance: The Impact of Adjustments in Planned Lead Times," W. L. Berry and P. G. Krishnan, Working Paper, November, 1983.

"Master Production Scheduling Heuristics to Minimize Changeover Time for Sequence Department Products in Process Industries," W. L. Berry, D. Schilling, and J. Hill, College of Business, Ohio State University, 1998.

"Business Performance Effects from Differences in the Perception of Market Requirements by Senior Marketing and Manufacturing Executives," W. L. Berry, P. T. Ward, J. Dix and H. Zhou, Working Paper, January, 2001.