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Peter T. Ward

BM 834 - Operations Strategy

Course Description:

This course focuses on creating strategic advantage by building distinctive capabilities in operations. Capability building of this kind requires a lot from managers. Specifically, managers need to develop a keen awareness of what their current and potential customers value; they must possess the analytic ability to devise appropriate systems; and they must have the organizational skills to meld people and technology into a system that excels routinely.

Course Materials:

Course Syllabus

Team/Case Preferences

Term Project Guidelines

Paper Style Guide


The Race to Lean

Deaconess Glover Hospital Takeaways

Learning Building Blocks

Learning Curve Assumptions

Learning/Experience Curves

Mass Customization Text

Mass Customization Slides

BMW Prototyping Models

Barriers to Lean

8 Steps to Transformation

Degrees of Proactiveness