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Working Papers

Lewicki, R. with B. Gray, L. Putnam, M. Elliott, S. Kaufmann, C. Davis, G. Burgess, J. Wondolleck. Framing of Environmental Disputes. Six university consortium (Colorado, Penn State, OSU, GA Tech, Texas A&M, Cleveland State, U Michigan). year grant. Papers and books in preparation.

Lewicki, R.J., Stevenson, M. and Bunker, B.B. The Three Components of Interpersonal Trust: Instrument Development and Differences Across Relationships. Paper presented at the Academy of Management and the International Association of Conflict Management, 1997. Under revision for journal submission.

Lewicki, R.J. and Stevenson, M. Trust Development in Negotiation: Proposed Actions and a Research Agenda. Paper presented at the International Association of Conflict Management, Bonn, Germany, June 1997. Under revision for applied journal.

Lewicki, R., Bunker, B.B. and Nurse, S. "Strategies for repairing interpersonal trust". Paper in preparation.

Lewicki, R. J. & D. McAllister. Trust and distrust: Measures and Construct Validation.Empirical work as follow-up to AMR paper. Instrument development andpresentations in preparation.

Lewicki, R. & DeSimone, B. Dishonesty as a reaction to organizational unfairness.Second data sample completed Fall 1997. Analysis in progress.

Lewicki, R. J. and Campbell, M. The terrain of honesty: A multidimensional scaling study. Working paper.