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Working Papers

Work in Progress

Simmering, M.J., Colquitt, J.A., Porter, C.O.L.H., & Noe, R.A. The dark side of fit: A longitudinal field study of employee development (Manuscript in preparation for submission to Academy of Management Journal).

Daft, R.L. & Noe, R.A. (2001). Organizational Behavior (1st ed.), Fort Worth: The Dryden Press.

Colquitt, J. & Noe, R. Understanding the complexity of team effectiveness: Team fairness perceptions, leader behavior, and climate characteristics

Colquitt, J., Noe, R., & Janz, B. Leading workers to help themselves: A contingency approach to cooperation in knowledge worker teams

Noe, R.A. & Porter, C.O.L.H. Antecedents and consequences of individual’s responses to 360-degree feedback.

Noe, R.A., & Cavanaugh, M., and Holt, K. Managers' developmental responses to 360 degree feedback.

Wilk, S.L., & Noe, R.A. HRM practices' impact on firm performance: Examination of levels and alternative fit perspectives.

McCauley, C.D., Noe, R.A., & Cavanaugh, M.A. Does challenge mediate the relationship between job demands and development?