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BUSMHR 2292 - Business Skills & Environment

Introduce the role of business in the lives of individuals, consumers, employees, and citizens. Focus on the concept of ethical leadership with emphasis on both oral and written communication skills for the business environment. 
Prereq: Admission to the Business Administration major program. Not open to students with credit for BusAdm 499, 499.01 or BusMHR 2291.

BUSMHR 7610 - Business Ethics

Developing ethical perspectives in the business environment for use in managerial decision-making.
Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 859.

BUSMHR 7611 - International Corporate Compliance and Ethics Governance

Managers face increasing compliance standards for multinational enterprises that governments view as reducing corruption and promoting ethical business practices. Anti-corruption prohibitions, codes of conduct, and model ethics guidelines are no longer limited to business conducted solely with governments, but also apply to NGO's.