Excellent Resources

Our dedication to cutting edge research in finance is most evident in the resources and financial databases available at the department. The department subscribes to the following databases: CRSP, Compustat, CRSP/Compustat Merged Database, TAQ Database, Datastream, SDC Platinum, I/B/E/S, Worldscope, PACAP, Warga Fixed Income, Berkeley Options, ROS Tape (Insider Trading), CDA Spectrum, Wharton Research Data Services, and more. Descriptions of these databases can be found in the Resources area.

The Finance Department also houses the Charles A. Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics. The center's mission is to use its resources to promote excellence in finance research at Ohio State University. The center supports the junior and senior faculty with supplemental grants to be used for datasets, research related travel, subscriptions, and equipment. The Center is especially interested in sponsoring research (by faculty or PhD students) which is of importance to the financial community of the United States.

The Center for Real Estate Education and Research serves as a focal point for involvement of both Ohio State University faculty from various disciplines and faculty from other colleges and universities in real estate research and education-related projects.