Job Market Candidates

Students interested in the field of finance come to Ohio State to learn from and collaborate from the best minds in the industry.

On the Job Market

NameCVJob Market PaperAdvisor
Woo Hwa Koh  CV   Professor Lu Zhang
Sophia Longman  CV   Professor Michael Weisbach Professor Bernadette Minton


Current PhD Students

NameEmailAdmitted Year
Luis Ivan Alfaro-Dardon 2012
Greg Allen 2014
Hang Bai 2012
Brian Baugh 2011
Zhengyu Cao 2014
Spencer Couts 2013
Mike Dong 2012
Shan Ge 2013
Andrei Goncalves 2013
Sehoon Kim 2012
Woo Hwa Koh 2010
Yoon Kang Lee  2012
Xingzhou Li  2014
Sophia Longman 2010
Samuel Osea 2014
Hoonsuk Park 2011
Jongsik Park 2010
Andrea Rossi 2013
Xi Wu 2013
Yu Zhang 2011