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Tax Clinic - Taxpayer Information

Call 2-1-1 in Columbus or 614.221.2255 to make an appointment for FREE Federal and Ohio tax preparation.

The Fisher/OSU Tax Clinic provides free tax preparation services to low-income taxpayers living and working in the Columbus metro area. In 2013, the Clinic completed 270 tax returns and brought approximately $436,000 into the Columbus economy. The Clinic is now in its eleventh year of operation.

Once you have made an appointment, click here to find a list of items you will need to bring to the VITA/TCE site to have your tax return prepared.


Who Qualifies?

  • Generate earned income of greater than zero and less than about $51,000 for the year (married joint; amount for other filing status differs).  Earned income:  wage, salary, fee, disability benefits, profits from self-employment.  Not earned income:  unemployment benefits, alimony/child support, social security benefits, retirement benefits, interest/dividends
  • Have not received income from the sale of a home
  • No more than $3,200 of investment income


What We Do

  • Free preparation and E-Filing for IRS Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ
  • Free preparation and E-Filing for Ohio State Income Returns


What We Don’t Do

  • Business returns of any kind:  C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Partnership
  • Forms 1040 requiring a Schedule C
  • City and School District returns
  • Returns for states other than Ohio
  • Returns for international students
  • Foreign returns
  • Complex returns
  • Tax planning
  • Estate Planning of any kind
  • Audit Help
  • Prior year returns
  • Amended returns

Want to prepare your own taxes?

If you have difficulty scheduling an appointment or simply want to prepare your own taxes, you can do so for free. Visit for acess to free, web-based tax software.