Tax Clinic - Taxpayer Information

Call 2-1-1 in Columbus or 614.221.2255 to make an appointment for FREE Federal and Ohio tax preparation.

The Fisher/OSU Tax Clinic provides free tax preparation services to low-income taxpayers living and working in the Columbus metro area. In 2015, the Clinic completed 275 tax returns and brought approximately $475,000 into the Columbus economy. The Clinic is now in its twelth year of operation.

Once you have made an appointment, click here to find a list of items you will need to bring to the VITA/TCE site to have your tax return prepared.


Who Qualifies?

  • Generate earned income of greater than zero and less than about $58,000 for the year (married joint; amount for other filing status differs).  Earned income:  wage, salary, fee, disability benefits, profits from self-employment.  Not earned income:  unemployment benefits, alimony/child support, social security benefits, retirement benefits, interest/dividends
  • Have not received income from the sale of a home
  • No more than $3,200 of investment income


What We Do

  • Free preparation and E-Filing for IRS Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ
  • Free preparation and E-Filing for Ohio State Income Returns


What We Don’t Do

  • Business returns of any kind:  C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Partnership
  • Forms 1040 requiring a Schedule C
  • City and School District returns
  • Returns for states other than Ohio
  • Returns for international students
  • Foreign returns
  • Complex returns
  • Tax planning
  • Estate Planning of any kind
  • Audit Help
  • Prior year returns
  • Amended returns