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Forthcoming Papers

  • Hamm, Sophia J.W., Michael Jung and Clare Wang. (Forthcoming). "Making Sense of One Dollar CEO Sallaries." Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Hoopes, Jeffrey, D. Reck and J. Slemrod. (Forthcoming). "Taxpayer Search for Information: Implications for Rational Attention." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
  • Roulstone, Darren, I. Ben-David, and M. Drake. (Forthcoming). “Acquirer Valuation and Acquisition Decisions: Identifying Mispricing using Short Interest.” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Wang, Xue, Grace Pownall, and Maria Vulcheva. (Forthcoming). "The Ability of Global Stock Exchange Mechanisms to Mitigate Home Bias: Evidence from Euronext." Management Science.
  • Young, Richard A., Anthony Meder, Steven Schwartz, and Mark Wu. (Forthcoming). "Bank Runs and the Accounting for Illiquid Assets in Financial Institutions." Accounting Education: An International Journal. 
  • Young, Richard A., Ulrike Denker, Steven Schwartz, and Christopher Ward. (Forthcoming). "Voluntary Disclosure in a Bargain Setting: A Research Note". Management Accounting Research.
  • Young, Richard A., Steven Schwartz, and Austin Sudbury. (Forthcoming). “A Note on the Benefits of Aggregate Evaluation of Budget Proposals.” Journal of Management Accounting Research.