Ph.D. Alumni

Our PhD program has a long history of preparing PhD students to teach and research at leading institions across the country. In 1950, the first three PhD students graduated from our program. According to the Brigham Young University Accounting Research Rankings, the Fisher accounting and MIS PhD program ranked 15th internationally in terms of alumni publications in 11 leading accounting journals during the 2008-2013 period.

*Those PhD alumni who have since passed away or have since retired from the field are not listed.

YearAreaNameCurrent Affiliation
2015 Acct. Bret Johnson George Mason University
2014 Acct. Minkwan Ahn The University of Hong Kong
2014 Acct. Wonik Choi California State University, Fullerton
2014 Acct. Michael Iselin University of Minnesota
2014 Acct. Austin Sudbury Carnegie Mellon University
2013 Acct. Duri Park Drexel University
2012 Acct. Lin Cheng University of Arizona
2012 Acct. Jennifer Sustersic Stevens University of Notre Dame
2011 Acct. Anthony Meder Binghamton University-SUNY
2011 Acct. Yunyan Zhang University of Melbourne
2009 Acct. Reining Petacchi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2008 Acct. Scott Liao University of Toronto
2008 Acct. Yifan Wang Private Firm
2007 Acct. Sarah Rice Texas A&M University
2007 Acct. Jiewei (Jeff) Yu University of Arizona
2006 MIS James Wolf Illinois State University
2006 MIS Dale Stoel Miami University
2005 MIS Zhuo (June) Cheng Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2005 Acct. Yinglei Zhang Chinese University of Hong Kong
2004 MIS Neeraj Mittal Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (India)
2003 Acct. Keji Chen California State University-Northridge
2003 MIS Patrick Jeffers Manhattan College
2002 Acct. Brian Mittendorf The Ohio State University
2002 Acct. Anthony Nikias Keimyung University (South Korea)
2002 Acct. TaeHee Choi KDI School of Public Policy and Mangement
2002 Acct. Gregory Sommers Southern Methodist University
2001 Acct. Henock Louis The Pennsylvania State University
2001 Acct. Naomi Rothenberg University of Alberta
2000 MIS Gautam Ray University of Minnesota
1998 Acct. Walter P. Smith The University of Tampa
1997 Acct. Kirsten L. Anderson Georgetown University
1997 Acct. Steven T. Schwartz Binghamton University-SUNY
1996 Acct. Mitchell A. Farlee Private Corporation
1996 MIS Rakesh Gupta Fidelity Investments
1996 MIS Dale L. Lunsford The University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast
1996 Acct. Gary K. Taylor The University of Alabama
1995 Acct. Scott J. Boylan Washington & Lee University
1995 Acct. Suzanne M. Holifield PriceWaterhouse Coopers
1995 MIS Raymond A. Patterson University of Alberta
1995 Acct. Barbara J. Sainty Brock University
1995 Acct. Cynthia Williams Turner The Ohio State University
1994 Acct. Chris E. Hogan Michigan State University
1994 Acct. Samuel L. Tiras Louisiana State University
1994 Acct. Catherine A. Usoff Clark University
1993 MIS Anurag Agarwal University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
1993 Acct. E. Ann Gabriel Ohio University
1993 MIS Ram Mangal Private Corporation
1993 MIS Hyeun-Suk Rhee United Nations - APCICT
1992 Acct. David M. Cottrell Brigham Young University
1992 Acct. Jonathan Glover Carnegie Mellon University
1992 Acct. Jonathan W. Wong Private Corporation
1992 Acct. Edwin R. Etter Eastern Michigan University
1991 Acct. Catherine Plante University of New Hampshire
1991 Acct. Marinus DeBruine Grand Valley State University
1991 Acct. Jagannathan Krishnan Temple University
1991 Acct. John D. Lyon University of Melbourne (Australia)
1990 Acct. Philip D. Drake Arizona State University
1990 Acct. Daphne Main Loyola University New Orleans
1990 Acct. Mark Nelson Cornell University
1990 Acct. Peter D. Woodlock Youngstown State University
1989 Acct. Tarek S. Amer Northern Arizona University
1989 Acct. J. Reed Smith Indiana University at Indianapolis
1989 Acct. Jeffrey A. Yost College of Charleston
1988 Acct. Karl E. Hackenbrack Vanderbilt University
1988 Acct. Leroy Kauffman Western Carolina University
1987 Acct. Joseph G. Fisher Indiana University
1987 Acct. Donald E. Tidrick Northern Illinois University
1985 Acct. William M. Cready University of Texas at Dallas
1985 Acct. W. Matthew Ko Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
1984 Acct. Joseph H. Anthony Michigan State University
1984 Acct. Timothy A. Farmer University of Missouri-St. Louis
1984 Acct. Duane Moser Western Connecticut State University
1984 Acct. Richard A. Young The Ohio State University
1983 Acct. Linda S. Bamber University of Georgia
1983 Acct. James A. Tackett Youngstown State University
1982 Acct. Penelope S. Greenberg Widener University
1982 Acct. Arnold Schneider Georgia Institute of Technology
1982 Acct. Thomas I. Selling Association of Audit Committee Members, Inc.
1981 Acct. Ralph H. Greenberg Temple University
1981 Acct. J. Kendall Middaugh II Wake Forest University
1981 Acct. James C. Noel Southern Methodist University
1980 Acct. E. Michael Bamber University of Georgia
1980 Acct. Joseph H. Bylinski University of North Carolina
1980 Acct. Robert H. Colson Baruch College
1980 Acct. Neil A. Wilner University of North Texas
1977 Acct. Sanford C. Gunn University at Buffalo-SUNY
1977 Acct. Ronald W. Hilton Cornell University
1977 Acct. Marleen Izumi Consultant
1977 Acct. James J. Jiambalvo University of Washington
1977 Acct. Bruce S. Koch Seattle University
1976 Acct. Simeon O. Okpechi Southern University at New Orleans
1975 Acct. David C. Hayes James Madison University
1975 Acct. W. Bruce Johnson The University of Iowa
1975 Acct. Thomas W. Lin University of Southern California
1975 Acct. James H. Scheiner Mississippi State University
1974 Acct. Kenneth R. Ferris Arizona State University
1974 Acct. Paul A. Griffin University of California