Graduation with Distinction in Accounting

What are the requirements to graduate with Distinction in Accounting?

Students may graduate with distinction by completing a senior honors thesis project. Each participating student will be assigned a faculty adviser who will serve as a mentor for the thesis work. The program must include at least six semester credit hours of independent scholarly work. Candidates for the degree with distinction must not fall below a point-hour ratio of 3.65 in the work presented for distinction in the major field of study and must maintain a minimum overall 3.5 GPA.

In the student's final semester, a committee of at least three members, including: the faculty adviser, another representative of the appropriate department, and the chairperson for undergraduate programs shall give the student a comprehensive examination on the academic work, including a thesis presented for distinction. This must include an oral examination of at least one hour in length.

With a satisfactory thesis and oral examination, the committee will recommend that the degree be conferred with distinction in the candidate's field. Successful candidates will have their degrees conferred with distinction and their diplomas will be so inscribed.