Accounting Honors Application Process

There are two important steps in the application process for the Accounting Honors program:

  1. Spring of Freshman year: secure permission to enter ACCTAMIS 2200H for fall by email correspondence with the director.
  2. Spring of Sophomore year: submit a written application to the Accounting Honors program.

Step One: Permission to take ACCTAMIS 2200H

Early in the spring, freshmen students in Fisher College or Exploration students with at least a 3.5 GPA are sent an e-mail from the director indicating that they are invited to the Annual Accounting Honors Reception and Information Session. They are asked to respond with whether they plan to attend, or cannot attend but are still interested in the program. If you do not receive this invitation but believe you meet the qualifications for the program, send an e-mail to the director.

Subsequent to the reception, the Department of Accounting & MIS Program Assistant Sarah Powers will e-mail all those who received the original invitation to confirm they wish to gain permission to take 2200H.

After students have responded to the program assistant with their maintained interest in the program, they will receive an e-mail from the director notifying them as to whether they will be granted permission to take 2200H and how to register for the course.

Step Two: Application to the Accounting Honors program

Sophomores apply to the Accounting Honors program in spring during AMIS 2300H.  


  1. The normal entry point to the Accounting Honors courses is ACCTAMIS 2200H, but in special circumstances students may begin with ACCTAMIS 2300H.
  2. Students who are unsure about their business major are welcome to take ACCTAMIS 2200H. ACCTAMIS 2200 or ACCTAMIS 2200H is required of all business majors. Many Accounting Honors students double major in Finance or Economics, double major or minor in a Foreign Language, or minor in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or other fields in Arts and Sciences.
  3. Permission to take ACCTAMIS 2200H is based primarily on the rigor of the student’s coursework, more than their overall GPA. Suggested courses include Math 1151-1152 or 1161.01 and Econ 2001.03H-2002.03H (4001.03H and 4050 also highly recommended). Students are also encouraged to take linear algebra in the Math department.