MBA Under Quarter System


MBA 800 -

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Mechanics of income statement, balance sheet, and fund flows; accounting policy choices; financial statement analysis using fund flows; ratios, quality of earnings, sustainable growth rates, and inflation adjustments.

MBA 801 -

Cost Accounting

Cost data for inventory valuation; cost data for decision making (pricing, product-mix, make or buy); cost data for performance evaluation and control.

MBA 805 -

Business Solution Teams I

Two quarter sequence course that engages teams of MBA students in solution of business problems for real world companies who serve as clients.

MBA 806 -

Business Solution Teams II

Two quarter sequence course that engages teams of MBA or evening MBA  students in solution of business problems for real world companies who serve as clients. Continuation of 805.

MBA 808 -

International Field Study: Emerging Markets

Course will expand global perspective of business; offer opportunity to apply skills in an emerging market and explore growth strategies of international companies.

MBA 810 -

Financial Management I

The goal of this course is to present the analytical tools and financial theories necesssary to make good decisions in the area of financial management.

MBA 812 -

Managerial Economics

This course approaches microeconomics from a management and organizational perspective. The objective is to develop a framework grounded in the fundamentals of economic theory.

MBA 820 -

Global Environment of Business

MBA 825 -

EPI - Enhancing Professional Interchange

Enhance current levels of skills in professional business environment presentations. Course covers: feedback, commentary, agreement, disagreement, change and the opportunity for continued communication: interchange.

MBA 832 -

Information Systems for Management Decision Making

Focuses on managing the information environment through an understanding of the trends in information technology and how they may affect organizations.

MBA 840 -

Marketing Management

Focuses on the interrelated elements of the marketing mix, its relationship with the other functional areas of management, and marketing responses to the external environment.

MBA 850 -

Operations Management

Introduction to basic operations principles; exploration of major operating problems; strategic and tactical decision making; emphasis on determination of policy for managing productive resources; role of operations manager.

MBA 860 -

Organizational Behavior and Teamwork Skills

An overview of factors that influence individual work performance and techniques to improve it; analytical frameworks for determining effectiveness of given techniques in specific circumstances.


MBA 870 -

Data Analysis for Managers


Introduction to statistical inference and its use in decision making; major emphasis on achieving an application-oriented understanding of regression analysis.


MBA 871 -

Decisions and Decision Models


The use of quantitative techniques in practical decision-making situations; emphasis on concepts with relatively little mathematics utilized to describe the techniques.


MBA 880 -

Legal and Regulatory Environment


Focuses on the application of law to managerial decisions; designed to provide an appreciation and understanding of the relationship between legal and business strategy.


MBA 881 -

Advanced Legal and Regulatory Environment


Application of the law in areas of ethics, litigation, personal liability, employment and agency law for strategic level professionals.


MBA 893 -

Individual Studies


Individual study projects in selected areas in business not otherwise offered.


MBA 894 -

Group Studies


Students are given an opportunity to pursue special studies not otherwise offered.


MBA 980 -

Strategy Formulation and Implementation I


Introduction to the nature of corporate strategy, development of a conceptual framework for understanding competition in industries, and the factors that shape competitive success or failure.