Course Syllabi


AMIS 2000 -Foundations of Accounting

AMIS 2200 -Introduction to Accounting I

AMIS 2300 -Introduction to Accounting II

AMIS 3200 -Financial Accounting I

AMIS 3200.02 -Financial Accounting IB

AMIS 3201 -Financial Accounting II

AMIS 3201.02 -Financial Accounting IIB

AMIS 3300 -Cost Accounting

AMIS 3400 -Tax Accounting I

AMIS 3600 -Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

AMIS 3610 -Foundations of Business Information Systems

AMIS 4200 -Advanced Financial Accounting

AMIS 4210 -Topics in Financial Accounting

AMIS 4220 -Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting

AMIS 4310 -Topics in Management Accounting

AMIS 4410 -Tax Accounting II

AMIS 4500 -Auditing Principles and Procedures

 AMIS 4620 -Analysis and Design of Management Information Systems

AMIS 4630 -Business Data Communications

AMIs 4650 -Decision Support and Expert Systems

AMIS 4660 -Electronic Commerce

AMIS 4670 -Information Systems Planning and Management

 AMIS 5000 -Accounting and Cost Analysis

 AMIS 6000 -Management Control

 AMIS 6050 -Accounting and Financial Analysis for Decision Making

AMIS 6200 -Financial Reporting

AMIS 6201 -Professional Research in Accounting

AMIS 6202 -Accounting Policy and Research

AMIS 6211 -Accounting for Decision Making

AMIS 7010 -Ethical Challenges in Accounting and Business

AMIS 7200 -Corporate Financial Reporting I

AMIS 7201 -Corporate Financial Reporting II

AMIS 7210 -Financial Information and Valuation

AMIS 7220 -Financial Statement Analysis I

AMIS 7221 -Financial Statement Analysis II

AMIS 7230 -Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions

AMIS 7240 -International Financial Reporting Standards

AMIS 7250 -Government and Non-Profit Accounting

AMIS 7300 -Cost Accounting

AMIS 7310 -Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

AMIS 7320 -Advanced Accounting Analysis for the Controllership Function

AMIS 7330 -Management Control Systems

AMIS 7400 -Tax Planning for Managerial Decision Making

AMIS 7410 -Tax Accounting II

AMIS 7420 -Tax Accounting III

AMIS 7500 -Auditing Principles and Procedures

AMIS 7510 -Assurance Services and Information Quality

AMIS 7520 -Fraud Examination: Misappropriation of Assets

AMIS 7530 -Fraud Examination: Fraudulent Financial Reporting

AMIS 7600 -Corporate Information Systems Management

AMIS 7610 -System Analysis and Design for Managers

AMIS 7620 -Management of Corporate Data Resources

AMIS 7630 -Emerging Technologies and Electronic Commerce

AMIS 7640 -Data Mining for Business Intelligence

AMIS 7784 -Tax Research