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The need for trained risk experts has never been greater. As it becomes more and more evident that risk impacts every part of an organization—and that one risk is connected to countless others—companies are taking notice and taking action. They’re seeking team members who have a well rounded understanding of risk’s threats and opportunities, and are able to guide their companies through them with capability and confidence.

That’s why the Risk Institute provides risk education to Fisher students and working professionals whose understanding of risk is critical to organizational success.


Specialized Graduate Degree

The Specialized Master’s in Risk at Fisher will be the first degree program of its kind. Instead of focusing on one specific risk area, this one-year graduate program increases the working professional’s knowledge of risk across an entire enterprise. Learning experiences are largely action-based, incorporating teamwork and projects rooted in current business challenges. Check back regularly for the status of this ground-breaking degree program.


Enhanced Risk Curriculum

Undergraduate and graduate students at Fisher have meaningful opportunities to benefit from and participate in Risk Institute activities. In addition to learning directly from faculty involved with the Risk Institute, students may contribute to the research efforts and problem-solving pursuits of Risk Institute partners.


Risk Education Tailored to Executives

Every day, risk becomes a more relevant concern for all types of business professionals’ success. Intensive education opportunities conducted at the Risk Institute challenge executive-level professionals to consider the importance of risk and develop strategies for managing risk for their organizations.

Upcoming Executive Education 

Balancing Risk and Opportunity to Create Value

A five-part collaborative engagement or half-day sessions that bring together thought leaders from the Fisher faculty, insitute member organizations, and similar companies to explor new perspectives on risk management.  For more information, see the Resources box to the upper right.

May 15, 2014
8:00 AM - Noon

Enabling the Right Risk Culture: The Role of Governance, Compliance, and Incentive Compensation 

Who Should Attend:

Direct reports to C-level executives such as SVPs, VPs and business unit leaders charges with driving growth and creating value while managing risk. 


Each half-day session is $495


Online Registration for April and/or May session


Michelle Norris, Program Manager
Phone: 614.292.8574